The Road to 65, Mile 132: Nissan Altima

April 9, 2015, Prescott-  I purchased my 2005 replacement vehicle this morning.  After a ten-mile test drive revealed the Nissan Altima to be everything I had been told about it, I completed the relatively short purchasing ritual, drove it home and got the insurance in order. I also arranged renter’s insurance, for good measure. Life is returning to normal.

I am midway through my Traffic Safety Systems online course.  Hopefully, the 3/4 point will be reached tomorrow afternoon, and the course will be finished by next Wednesday, leaving me to schedule the proctored final examination, pass it, and so inform the Justice of the Peace.

April still saw a slight loss of income; the Pacific Northwest and southeast Alaska await, in summer;  the real push for financial recovery will begin in August, and I will have until November, 2016, before another non-family-related journey looms.  The Nissan will help me through the bulk of it.

Inside myself, that’s where the growth is happening.  I reflect that so many mental and spiritual toxins are being removed, have been shed, since 2011. I am far more cognizant of where I need to proceed. Last year, an apologist for the Santa Barbara shooter accused me, in rather vile terms, of being one of the underlying causes of the misogynist’s actions.  I had to give even his baseless invective a measure of consideration.  None of us are crystal-pure.  Yet,  I have to say that my desire for the women in my life is to see them, first and foremost, realize THEIR dreams and map out THEIR futures. This was where I arrived, after five or six years of marriage- and it is here that I comfortably remain.

The accident, my only one in 48 years of driving, has proven a fulcrum for moving forward with growing spiritually all the more intensely.  That, and I have re-learned several salient points, about driving and about life, that were imparted to me, all those years ago, by Coach Len Wall.  Saturday evening, I had no “out”.  Now, I have several.

9 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 132: Nissan Altima

  1. I’m glad you have wheels again. Not sure how the SB shooter fits into this story, or to your ‘miles to 65,’ unless you had made some comment about his hatred for women. It’s good, though, to see you sounding so positive.


    • I wrote a post on the matter, last May, and was attacked by said apologist, for describing his hatred for women. It was a bit of a digression, though it pertains to my own focusing on what matters in life.


  2. I focus as much energy as possible on cleaning up my insides. I have learned that until I clean up my spiritual life, my real life is unpleasant (or not as easy as it can be). Life is so short. I don’t want to waste any of it wallowing in my weaknesses/confusions.
    One of my best “learning areas” is in looking at how people talk to me and what I might have done to make things turn sour. Sometimes I get to learn things. Sometimes what I learn is that it’s kind of futile to want/need to feel understood. Painting works better for me because it’s so wide open to interpretation – absolves me of having to speak my mind so much.


  3. We took a driving tour of some for-sale houses yesterday and each time I saw a Kia or Altima, I thought of you. Many blessings upon your new vehicle which will surely serve you well in the next phase of your adventure.


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