The Road to 65, Mile 134: Desert Rose

April 11, 2015, Eloy, AZ-   We woke today to a cool morning, a bright blue sky, reports of snakes having been in the area (but no sightings this morning) and a light breakfast, with coffee by moi.   I spent last night alone, in the men’s dorm.  It was an odd feeling, but sleep came easy.

We spent today discussing the relationship of the Baha’i community in Arizona to the wider society.  To me, this is a no-brainer.  We follow the Golden Rule, applying it to the entire planet.  We do the best we can to obey the laws of any place where we find ourselves. We do not respond, in kind, to any offensive behaviour. We consider the welfare of others, at par with our own well-being.  We act with honour, to the extent humanly possible, which means virtually all the time.  We readily make amends, to individuals, and to the community, for any offense we might commit. We refrain from making excuses, and move away from whining.

Baha’i is out of the shadows, the brush, any hiding place in which those who do not understand the progressive nature of divine teaching might wish it to remain.  We have a lot to offer, in fact- everything to offer a world in travail.  So do you.

No matter what a person’s faith is, the world needs you.  The only world order that will fit the Divine Plan is one which results from universal participation.  So, the first thing that needs to happen is abandonment of prejudice. The second thing is willingness to listen and to learn from others.  The third thing is to maintain a humble posture of learning.

These are things I contemplated today, at Desert Rose Baha’i Institute.


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