The Road to 65, Mile 140: Happy Returns

April 17, 2015, Prescott- I returned an item that was particular to my Kia, and got money back, that will be useful tomorrow.  A few hours later, I returned to a neighbourhood trail, the Turley Trail, named for a man who was instrumental in starting the Prescott Circle, which begins at “P” Mountain, east of town, and goes in a 360 around the Bean Peaks, Sierra Prieta, Thumb Butte, Granite Mountain, Pioneer Park and our northeastern lakes, then back towards Lynx Lake and again to “P”.

The Turley is 2.5 miles, one way, and traverses four ridges, before ending at a Prescott Circle marker, in a forested ravine.  I’ve written of it before, but here are some views from yesterday.

“P” Mountain is not directly accessible from this point, but it’s quite an inspiration, nonetheless.


Here is the gap between the first and second ridges.  This is a moderate hike.


On return hikes, I focus more on the small.  Wildflowers are a bit past peak here, but still captivating.SAM_4791

The quartz and granite caught my eye, at several points along the way.SAM_4794



Finally, here is a cave, which I don’t remember seeing last time.


It’s probably an animal lair of some sort, so of course I contented myself with this particular view.

Finally, the journalist David Brooks was on NPR, discussing his book on returning to a community-centered ethos.  More on that, later.

6 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 140: Happy Returns

  1. It looks like a great day — money back, and out on the trail again! I love the rocks in this post! And I’m anxious to hear more about David Brooks’ talk.


      • The granite countertop I have in my kitchen was taken from a huge chunk of rock. It had been sliced about 1″ thick — I have a center slab, and you can tell that, Apparently they use some sort of diamond bit to slice it, then polish and seal it (mine is “leathered,” a less polished finish, but still with some polish.


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