The Road to 65, Mile 146: Inward

April 23, 2015, Prescott-  Today was a mixed bag.  I had a good day at school, helping several students deal with technophobia and connecting with, encouraging, another autistic person.  I will return to that school again on Monday.

Home was a bit different, coming back and finding my client in the back yard- looking quite at home, which was not part of our agreement.  I left him sitting there and went about my business. As it stands, I am driving him to Kingman, AZ on Sunday, and from there he is to board a bus to Las Vegas and points northwest.  He wants to head to Oregon; at least that was the plan, yesterday.  There are two days intervening, and I sense a pair of heels digging in.  This will be a push- and-pull, to the very end.

Downtown was bustling this evening.  Tomorrow, there will be a Mountain Bike Race.  It’s great for business, but I will be as far away from there as possible.  I find the bikers very arrogant and aggressive, even when they are not in the heat of a race.

My response to pushy, argumentative people is to stand my ground, as long as is prudent, then to turn inward and guard my spirit.  I feel this will be the case tomorrow and on Saturday, just as it had to be on Tuesday evening. On Sunday, the pushy, argumentative person will have little choice but to follow through on his promise- to me and to himself.  There will be peace in the valley, and here on this hillside.

8 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 146: Inward

  1. I’m sorry your ‘client’ hasn’t followed through on past agreements — and glad that you are sending him on his way northward. I hope he doesn’t change his mind once he gets to Las Vegas, only to return to Prescott! As far as the bikers are concerned — it sounds like a good time to escape to one of your long hikes away from their race course! Have a good weekend!


  2. The update is: The Vet’s Resource Center has told us that he will not be going anywhere until May 1. This means he stays around until at least next Friday- the reason being his SSI payment determines when he leaves.


  3. “…then to turn inward and guard my spirit.” This is what I have been learning to do. Hope everything worked out.


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