The Road to 65, Mile 149: Confluence

April 26, 2015, Prescott- The downpour, yesterday and today, has come at an unusual time, in the climatic sense.  We very seldom see any rain here, between March and July.  It is always welcome, though, as we approach the so-called “fire season”.  The storm brought cold in its wake, but the temperature will rise soon enough, and Phoenix may well see 100 degrees on May 1.

M was laid to rest today.  As befitting a balanced soul, the rain and sunshine alternated, as three women took turns reciting the verses of the Baha’i Prayer for the Dead, a reflective repetition of six verses, each said nineteen times and interspersed with the Arabic “Allah-u-Abha”, God is the Most Glorious”.  A few other prayers were said after the lowering of the casket, we all greeted and consoled one another, and the confluence of her earthly and spiritual lives was reached.

I left the family to its privacy, finished an errand which resulted from last night’s downpour, and took a meal of haddock, baked potato and corn, accompanied by a salad and some red apple tea, in M’s honour.  A slice of French Silk pie is here for tomorrow’s enjoyment.  M loved nothing more than to offer a balanced meal, and a well-steeped cup of tea.  Adding malt vinegar to the pieces of haddock, I felt she was hosting this repast, albeit in a neighbourhood restaurant.

Many times, I have felt Penny’s unseen hand, or that of my father, in events that have happened, in the past few years.  The spirits are as close as we let them be to us, and almost continuously they see us through periods of joy, trial, growth and triumph.  M will be there for her loving husband, and for all who stayed with her during her own trials and sorrows.

4 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 149: Confluence

  1. Ah, yes — your weather is a day or so behind ours. We actually had about 3 hours of rain yesterday afternoon — a light rain, but enough to thoroughly wet the surface. Every little bit helps here as it does for you! Your day was filled with the spiritual — that is excellent and will be reassuring for you.


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