The Road to 65, Mile 171: Alternators

May 18, 2015, Prescott- My Nissan has a slight headache.  It turns out that the issue is a defective pulley that helps drive the car’s alternator.  The new pulley will arrive tomorrow noon, at our area’s only auto electric shop. Then I will have my car back, in time for a Pacific Northwest sojourn.

The devices that keep a car running smoothly, and help the battery maintain consistent current, are impressive and solid little boxes, full of brushes, wires and bearings.  The devices that keep us on track are also solid, yet are not always box-like in nature.  Brushes, wires and bearings, of a sort, are in our brains, and in our minds.  The brushes are the cleansings we do each day, in the face of new information and insights.  The wires are our connections, from one part of the brain to another, and from one part of our life to the next.  The bearings are the abilities we have, which keep us flexible, and allow our adaptation to change to go smoothly.  We must keep them lubricated, with an open mind and loving heart.

It is the view of some, that Mechanism will be the lord of the future world.  Mankind, in the view of extreme roboticists, will simply have no purpose.  I disagree. The semi-human beings seen in the Terminator and Avengers movie series each claim to be Pro-Life.  That, to me, means maintaining, lubricating and refining our working parts.  This, only the flexible intelligence that is human will be able to do, ever.

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