The Road to 65, Miles 173 and 174: Preparations

May 20 & 21, 2015, Prescott

My final day of the academic year was spent again overseeing reading programs and computerized math tests.  it’s been, all in all, a fine year.  Next year won’t be as punctuated by my travel, as I have nothing out-of-region that would impede my work- except possibly  a few days for my brother’s 60th, in September.

In the meantime, there is the matter of making sure my car is roadworthy.  It went through five stress tests and two road tests today, courtesy of the automotive shop I use. I will stop by the transmission specialists, first thing tomorrow morning, and ask their opinion about the stalling out.  Three mechanics pronounced the matter solved, though, so I am not sure the transmission folks will be any different.  Still, I have to ask, before heading out on Friday morning.

All of my former client’s stuff is out of storage, and at his new agency.  He seems to be adjusting well.  He tried to get the new agency to reimburse me for last weekend, but that is not in their budget.  I wasn’t expecting it, in any event.

My friends in Reno are expecting me, sometime on Saturday, so I will get there, one way or another.  Most likely, it’ll be by Nissan. I will be traveling lighter than on previous occasions, and hope to get the most essential stuff into my backpack, with the items only needed for “town” visits in a spare bag.

The heat will be off in the house.  My landline will be turned off, as will my printer.  The DISH account will be suspended for the summer.  Who needs re-runs?  My dinosaur TV is ready to go to the parts collector, anyway.  I will deal with that at the end of June.

Now, I will lay me down to sleep, and knowing that my dear friends are praying on my behalf, adds extra heft to the spirituality that underlies my impending journey northwestward.  Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Miles 173 and 174: Preparations

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