The Road to 65, Mile 185: Northwestward, Day 6- Portland’s Moveable Feast

June 1, 2015, Portland- The City of Roses is a foodie’s paradise.  Between the food trucks, which are everywhere, and the great brick and mortar eateries, one could easily pack on 50-100 pounds, with a smile.  Of course, the city is also a walker’s paradise- and the pounds would just as quickly melt away, if one were to indulge in the natural wealth of the hills above the Columbia River, at its confluence with the Willamette.

I took a light breakfast at Econolodge, this morning.  That’s a good thing, as one of my Portland favourites, Laughing Planet Cafe, is cattycorner from that motel.  The White Bean soup hit the spot at lunchtime, on this most typically Northwestern, drizzly day.

Afternoon brought me back to Washington Park, for a few reprise shots of, what else, roses.



These exuberant specimens show that the Experimental Rose Garden should have a banner year.

I visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in Hoyt Arboretum, as well.  It is a pristine and dignified tribute to those contemporaries of mine who did not make it back alive, and those whose remains lie there, still.




The path spirals to the top of a small ridge, from whence to more completely appreciate this serene memorial.

After reflecting some on the basic goodness that my generation still manages to show, for the most part, I took the Wildwood Trail, to the park’s southwestern corner, before ambling back to the Rose Garden.


This is the area that Lewis and Clark trod, looking much as they probably found it.


I also managed a downtown walkabout, from Pioneer Square to the Pearl District.  Here is Old Chinatown.


The lions are said to make troublemakers think twice about entering.


Pioneer Square is well-festooned with roses, and other flora.



After my photo shoots, two things remained.  Dinner at Pastini brought me their vegetable barley soup and baked manicotti. No Tiramisu, this time, though; I want  to refrain from capsizing the ferry from Bellingham to Wrangell, a few days hence. 😛

I spent about a half hour at Powell’s City of Books.  It is a given that I must make a pilgrimage there, much as I go to Boulder Books, when in the Front Range.  The little novel for which I looked was not there- it’s been distributed independently.  I can scarcely imagine a book not being in Powell’s, but there you have it.

The rain came down in buckets, as I headed out of town, and crossed the great Columbia, into Vancouver, WA.  With heavy traffic headed into that historic city, I kept to the left and drove on to Chehalis, a gateway to Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens, neither of which I will be seeing up close, on this journey.

My Alaska ferry ticket is purchased, and on Friday, I will be beginning two weeks on the Marine Highway.

6 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 185: Northwestward, Day 6- Portland’s Moveable Feast

  1. I loved your photos. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in Hoyt Arboretum is amazing. There seems to be some peace and serenity in there. And the walking trail……. All in all, I think this is a beautiful city.

  2. Portland is a magnificent city in the spring — roses and rhododendrons add much to the visual and intellectual values of the city! Thanks for the views of your visit!

  3. Thank you to share with us the beautiful things discovered along your travel . Portaland is a beautiful town with a lot of varieties sof roses , a splendid park . About park I wondered what were the high trees of the park ; beeches ?
    In friendhip

  4. More lovely shots. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey with us. I recall you mentioning you had visited the Rose Gardens near Woodland Park, is that correct? Is the Portland garden similar?

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