The Road to 65, Mile 216: Celestine

July 2, 2015, Prescott- I am grounded.  The Nissan’s dash says “Service Engine Soon”, so it will sit in the carport until my mechanic, and everyone else, has gotten the holiday out of their system.  It may stay there longer, if the money that I am expecting shows up in my account, tomorrow morning or Saturday.  Then, I will catch a shuttle to Phoenix, and a plane to San Diego, and honour my son as his birthday approaches-on Sunday of course, and I would stay in SoCal until Wednesday evening.

I have personal and civic obligations here at base on Independence Day, and these, too, are labours of love.  A parade, in which I will be in the Red Cross contingent, a gathering at the American Legion, and the rest of the day with my best friend in Prescott, all of which brought me back here on the 29th of June.

Last night, after I watched “The Celestine Prophecy”, about which more in a moment, I was upbraided on social media, for not being willing to conduct an online dalliance, with someone I’ve never met.  What a change, from two years ago, when I was all over the place, trying to figure out what my emotions were and how to deal with them.  Most of the people who were in on the mental anguish I was enduring at the time, are still my friends, and God bless every one of them.

This brings me back to “The Celestine Prophecy”.  Every American film, it seems, has to have a romantic twist.  In this one, Marjorie is pursued by John, captivated by both her beauty and her aura of mystery (he saw her in a vision, that appeared to have taken place in the year 1622).  John learns, quickly, to give the lady her space, and eventually sees that it is not the time for them to be together, though they certainly endure a lot- especially at the hands of Jensen, a cartoonish villain (whom John also sees in his vision, replete with wispy, handlebar mustache.)

“Celestine”, a film adaptation of the first of a series of novels by James Redfield, explores the growth of human consciousness and postulates nine principles, revealed in a series of scrolls in ancient times.  John, and a group of like-minded souls, seek to find the ninth scroll, which Jensen, representing The Powers That Be (an Illuminati-like entity, who, of course, remain unseen), wants to find first and destroy, lest it tear asunder the power structure.

The upshot of the film is that the quest for power, by  the Illuminati and everyone else, is a chimera.  Human consciousness is moving steadily to a far deeper level than any materially-oriented force an ever appreciate.  It is emerging, regardless of the quibbling, death and destruction that The Powers That Be are visiting upon us, and will continue to visit upon this planet, for a certain time.  Real power, however, is spiritual and collective.  It is as present in the most humble, vulnerable child, as it is in the person of a brutish, swaggering general ( such as Jensen’s chief minion in the film), and perhaps more so.

So, I sit in a safe, comfortable room, and contemplate my blessings:  A strong, hard-working son, a good woman who is a steadfast friend ( and who, much like the film’s Marjorie, is given the space she needs to process all that is going on in her own, considerably complex life), a community that stands firm together, in spite of the callow local government, and a Faith which can carry me through anything at all, and does.

5 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 216: Celestine

  1. “Service Engine Soon” may just means that it is time for a regular checkup — mine nags me that way for about 1,500 miles before the time it really needs servicing. Will you be staying in San Diego this trip, or coming up the coast? Happy Birthday to Aram! I’m glad your life has finally become somewhat comfortable again!


  2. Everything depends on funds coming in, at midnight tonight. Otherwise, I will wait until next Saturday to head out there. If I fly out to San Diego, I would take the train up to OC, probably to San Clemente and pay a visit to Casa Romantica, to see what its summer ambiance is like, as opposed to the late Fall/Holiday atmosphere when I first went there. If time allowed, i would also go up to San Pedro, to visit Michael Nyiri, who has been seriously ill.


  3. It’s really interesting that you mention this film. It was brought up to me earlier in the week, though perhaps by someone who saw your post here first. But apropos, methinks, to the times.

    I hope the upbraiding left you stronger than it found you. No fun, that.


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