The Road to 65, Mile 208: Queen of the Inland Northwest, Day 2

June 24, 2015, Spokane-   I was intrigued by the chocolatier’s use of Rocket Bakery as his sandwich purveyor, so this morning, Rocket was my first stop, after getting cash from the ATM.  What a fine place!  Like so many coffee houses in the Northwest, and our own Wild Iris, in Prescott, Rocket Bakery has a Steam Punk ambiance.  Two lovely and effusive young ladies were the baristas, and sang along with each song that came on the house’s Sirius channel, as I savoured my drip coffee and scone.  Rocket is a very happy place.  It also has a bookshelf, a surprisingly rare feature among coffee houses, and one that is most welcome.  The piano is also there, for anyone who can play decently.


After the wonderful interlude, I headed back to Downtowner Motel, checked out and made a beeline back to Riverview Park.  One of my friends in Spokane recommended taking the gondola, over the Falls.  This I did, to the amusement of four high schoolers who were in line ahead of me.  “Like, why is the old dude going up by himself?”  Well, because it’s there.  There are some decent views to be had, from the nosebleed level.





Once back down, I headed to the southern, less frenetic part of Riverside.  I found the Clock Tower, Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and World’s Fair Pavilion to be restful places for meditation.





A flock of Canadian geese, lined up at the river’s edge, was an unusual sight. It almost seemed like the Bird Olympics was set to begin.


A unique feature, for kids and adults alike, was this set of giant blocks.


Lunch was from a hot dog vendor, in front of Atticus.  As he advertised “all beef, no additives”, I was game.  The coffee and gift shop was worth another visit, after lunch, for some chai and a few gift items.  After an hour or so longer at the library, I called my local friend, and ascertained we weren’t going to meet, due to a sudden emergency.

So, it was off to the south side, and dinner at Chalet Restaurant, near a retirement community.  I was received a bit cautiously by the waitstaff, but the salmon and side dishes were fine.  Sometimes, it is a good idea to greet “outsiders”; like me, who tips 20 % to anyone who gives at least adequate service.

After attending a Baha’i worship service and social, nearby, and briefly connecting with an old friend from Arizona, now living in Spokane, (pictures didn’t come out), I headed east, then south.  it was dark, so no photos of beautiful Coeur d’Alene.  The night came to an end in Moscow, ID, at Royal Motor Lodge.  I woke up the night clerk, who groggily lined me up with a room, and settled in for another comfortable night.

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