The Road to 65, Mile 237: Back From California

July 23, 2015, Prescott- I rose early in Barstow’s Motel 66, and looked around for a breakfast spot.  There were all manner of little convenience markets and small fast food establishments.  Yet, breakfast for me, as often as possible, has to be a balanced meal.  When I am home, that usually means cereal with milk and fruit.  When I am on the road, anything less than a Denny’s, or preferably, the local morning gathering place,  is unacceptable.  Barstow’s morning spot is Jenny’s Grill, a full-service Mexican restaurant, that offers American breakfasts, as well, with a twist:  Chips and salsa appear on the table, before the beverage.

I am a good sport about such things.  When in a pizzeria, in South Korea, kimchi accompanied the meal.  In many countries, breakfast is merely the first serving of what one also eats for lunch and dinner.  We norteamericanos are rather spoiled, in that vein.  I did find pico de gallo to be agreeable, as the first thing down my throat, this morning.  After all, tomatoes are a fruit, and many people like tomato juice as a morning beverage.  So, given the choice of pancakes, French toast, omelets, etc., I thought back to when I visited Laredo, three years ago, and ordered a chorizo omelet.  I find you can’t go wrong with good chorizo.  Jenny’s has good chorizo.

The owner/maintenance lady/housekeeper, at Motel 66, is also tech-savvy, and got the balky WiFi connection up and running, twice, when the local cable people pulled the plug on us.  I would gladly stay here again, especially if I head out this way during Spring Break, next year.

The drive east was uneventful and not unpleasant, with some sort of cool air reserve coming through the vents, even though I did not have the A/C on.  My spirit guides surely are good to me. Despite the bridge collapse, on I-10, to the south, I did not see any appreciable increase in traffic, on I-40. Once past Needles, I stopped for gas, at Golden Valley, AZ, for a fill-up that was under $40.  Then, it was non-stop to base camp, and unloading the car, around 5 PM.  After walking down to Rosa’s, for her special dumplings, in pomodoro sauce, and a frozen yogurt at Frozen Frannie’s, I was officially back in town.

5 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 237: Back From California

  1. I’m glad the trip home was a good one, and the I-10 detour didn’t bother you too badly — they may have partially opened the bridge by the time you travelled that way. Home is a wondrous place that envelops one after an absence and makes the world feel more complete. I used to have a routine when coming home from business trips — glance at the mail, unpack, speak with two or three friends — then all was well! I hope that has been the same for you after your west coast explorations!


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