The Road to 65, Miles 239-40: Random Thoughts On A Lazy Weekend

July 25-26, 2015, Prescott- There was, on purpose, little on my agenda this weekend.  I went to a devotional gathering on Friday night, and caught up with my Chino Valley friends.  The meal is always great.  Actually, I end up with two meals, as the Veterans’ Potluck, where informal attendance is taken, happens the same night as the devotional.  I have the heart, and a discretional-enough eating habit to attend both events.

Saturday gave me time to think, long and hard, about friends.  I know who the true ones are, here, online and in other parts of the country.  Those who have come and gone, at least meant well, initially-but fear, personality differences and age gaps can put a damper on any number of friendships. I was glad to have spent time with my faithful friends in California, Nevada, and Oregon and to have made a few new friends here and there in Alaska.

I have an outside chance to work for the Red Cross, though the word is that the folks in Washington already have someone picked out for the vacancy.  We will carry on, regardless.

This morning, (Sunday), I sat and bantered with the Old Major for a bit, then joined my Baha’i friends at Goldwater Lake.  It’s a fine, wooded, fishing reservoir, south of town, and we have gathered there, once a year, for a Cowboy Breakfast.  I don’t have leather boots or a Stetson, but I did bring the sausages for grilling.  One time, a couple of years back, I brought my solar oven along.  We tried toasting bread in it and ended up with sliced hard tack.  Heck, that’s part of a chuck wagon, right?

Book wise,this summer, I have finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, Crota, Death and White Diamonds, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, and Looking for Alaska, and am a bit more than halfway through Seven Years in Tibet.  Ive mentioned most of these before, but making a total list looks a bit better.

I have developed a habit of deleting most e-mailed requests for money.  Along the same lines, I am getting rid of my land line phones, soon, since the only calls I get on them are from solicitors.  My true friends and family all have my cell # number.

It was a nice weekend- little noise and the Second Wild Woman of the West, who frequents the bar & grill next door, wasn’t throwing any temper tantrums.

3 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Miles 239-40: Random Thoughts On A Lazy Weekend

  1. It’s always good to have a quiet day once in a while, to reflect and regroup for the next busy stretch. Good luck on the Red Cross job — but it sounds like you’ll be ok regardless. I, too, delete all emails asking for money, but I maintain my land-line phones. Even if the power goes out and the cells go down, a connected land-line phone works, and could be important in quake or fire emergency. As far as the solicitors are concerned, I am less than my polite self when they call, and cut the conversation very short.


    • I don’t even answer the phone for solicitors. If my power went out, I’d head to the Red Cross office, about a block from my house, since it’d mean there was an emergency, and we’d be on call.


  2. I’ve noted not a lack of possibility just a laziness of service in that cells rarely ring in with the address of the caller…us… so pizza and other delivery is a bit of a hassle still. overall landlines restrict one to local only living when for just a few dollars one has unlimited usa long distance/text and whatever it’s amazingly hard to pinch pennies to make the land line only argument anymore. the technical additional drawback is a cell is a radio signal set so one is not allowed privacy over the radio either or any other right similar to responsible citizens but what matter is this when one tends to not court trouble and expect technicalities to save one’s bacon.


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