The Road to 65, Mile 254: Sharlot Hall

August 9, 2015, Prescott- I spent about ninety minutes, this afternoon, visiting Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott’s historical gallery.  This was the final day of the 2015 Mountain Arts and Crafts Festival, which coincides with the Cowboy Poets Gathering, at Yavapai College.

This was my fourth visit to the Museum, and was mainly to check out the refurbished Arizona Time Line exhibit, in the main hall.  I noticed there was a panel about the proto-planet, Theia, which collided with Earth, back in the days when our planet more resembled the sunny side of Mercury.  It did not end well for poor Theia.  A very well-crafted pair of Pleistocene wall panels loom above the depictions of North American mammals from that Era.

Otherwise, Sharlot Hall preserves several buildings as they were during the period 1870-1910.  My favourite remains the log Governor’s Mansion. As there were few other visitors here, this afternoon, I was able to enjoy the presence of about five monarch butterflies, one of which had a six-inch wingspan. To see the exteriors of the buildings, please check out my 2012 post:

Next up:  I will be in Mohave Valley, in northwest Arizona, for the next three days or so, helping with Red Cross sheltering and damage assessment, owing to a nasty desert wildfire, near the Colorado River.  I will continue to post as time allows, during this time period.

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