The Road to 65, Mile 258: Eight Questions and Answers

August 13, 2015, Prescott- I have been asked by a friend, on another site, to offer my answers to eight questions she posed and answered on her own site.  So, here goes:

1. Which of the following will mostly resemble the next show you watch (on tv, online, or even dvd)? a nature show, a historical documentary, a cooking show, a sitcom, or sports?   Given these choices, I would most likely watch an historical documentary.  Nature is something I prefer to see up close.

2. Which natural disaster is your state more likely to encounter?  Arizona is most likely to encounter wildfire.  Occasionally, a torrential rain or blizzard passes through.

3. Would you rather vacation in a log cabin, a modern condo, or a Motorhome?   Log cabin, by far.  A motorhome is not something I would buy, and those of my friends who own them are barely able to fit themselves inside.

4. What type of roadkill do you see most where you live?  Skunks and coyotes.

5. If you were on that old MTV show “Fear Factor”, would you most fear walking a rickety catwalk over a canyon, eating worms, or sitting in a tub and having cockroaches poured on your lap?   The catwalk, if it has no rope or cable guards on the sides. The cockroaches could bite and lead to typhus, though, so they would be more dangerous.

6. Do you think you could survive alone 24 hours in the wilderness, with only a jack knife and 3 feet of rope?   Yes, because I know how to forage.

7. Have you ever owned any leather clothing?  I have had one leather jacket, when I was in my thirties.

8. Have you ever eaten jackfruit chips?  No, but I would be glad to try them.  Jackfruit is very tasty.

5 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 258: Eight Questions and Answers

  1. I liked the jackfruit i got cfrom a can, perhaps not the most authentic experience possible but it did taste good- you’re thoughts on lychee fruit? I saw a cream coloured leather jacket that’s probably fit me nice enough but I just don’t think i plan a lifestyle requiring leathers honestly, surviving the 24 hours would likely tax me to the limits of my patience but not the limits of endurance. worms are gross I dislike cockroaches too but as i’m likely most afraid of heights the last would bother me the most yet it’s proven by far the safest if one considers the context of insuring that show. the roaches are likely the most fearful thing in that there isn’t much of a rinse for ’em


  2. Very interesting questions, Gary!
    1. Historical document.
    2. Severe snow storms and earth quakes
    3. a modern condo!
    4 skunks
    5. Yuk, I don’t want to answer that!
    6 No way…. I don’t think I will survive.
    7. Yes a leather jacket
    8 Yes, and they very tasty.


  3. You should teach wilderness survival courses for your online friends. I’d love to know how to forage. I think I could vacation or even live in a motorhome. It seems pleasant, anyway.


    • Flattering, Mark, but my confidence level wouldn’t lend itself to teaching such a course. Somehow, I can just do, better than explain. I will write a few posts, later on, about edible wild plants of various areas.


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