The Road to 65, Mile 274: I Wonder….

August 28, 2015, Prescott- Two things didn’t happen today:  Work, for me, and letting myself get pushed around by a self-appointed overseer of this blog.

K says I’m lazy, for not putting forth “fresh material” on this site, day by day.

I wonder if he blogs.

I wonder how many hairs he will pull out, day by day, as I continue to write my blog, my way. Oh, wait, I blocked and deleted him.

I wonder how many peas can fit in a pod.

“I wonder, wonder  who wrote the Book of Love.”

“I wonder where she will stay-ay, my little runaway.”

I wonder about people I love dearly, who have stopped responding to my occasional messages.

I wonder who were Adam’s parents, since He sent his sons to another country to get married.

I wonder how the Earth cooled enough, for life to get started here in the first place.

I wonder what the songbirds are saying to one another, as their calls vary, in tone and in pitch.

I wonder how much more crap the common people of Syria will take, from those who variously want to use them as fodder, or as bait.

I wonder what’s REALLY in “Nuggets”, now that “chicken” is seldom used in advertising them.

I wonder what my beloved does, when she is not busy helping me extricate myself from mischief.

9 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 274: I Wonder….

  1. One of the basic rules about blogs — Xanga, WordPress, etc. — is that you can blog in whatever way is comfortable and appropriate for you! Sounds like a good thing that you blocked and deleted K. I think you extricate yourself from mischief quite effectively!


  2. Your beloved Penny is an angel, or perhaps a maid of heaven. She is leavening the world–making this earthly life lighter and acting as a catalyst. She is talking to the Master, Shoghi Effendi and Baha’u’llah about her trials on earth and how you are her soulmate. She is happy.


  3. Life is wonder-filled isn’t it? I’m glad I don’t have any blog police in my world. It’s nice being in the background.


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