The Road to 65, Mile 277: Every New Beginning…..

August 31, 2015, Prescott- I almost used the byline, The Universe.  I have begun reading “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, Dan Millman’s 1980 book which loosely describes his inner journey to a higher functioning self, using the anthropomorphoses of  Agape and Eros, a spirit guide named Socrates and a whimsical, attractive spirit named Joy.

Like Dan, I have spent a lot of my life following the Prescribed Path- following, first, a maudlin, alcohol-and-marijuana-fueled series of efforts at fitting my square peg into society’s round hole.  When I was 25,  I encountered an eleven-year-old boy named Mickey, who got me to quit smoking dope; in exchange for which, he gave up smoking tobacco.  Five years later, I met Penny, my own spiritual guide, who became my wife, and alcohol was cast aside.  At age 58, after a roiling series of life setbacks, I gave up credit cards- and the habit I had developed of blaming others for our family’s ill fortune.  At age 60,  I saw my wife, my Heaven-on-Earth, transition into the spirit who guides me, day by day, no longer kept prisoner in a body that had been failing.

I have experienced beings, and phenomena, that are not easily explained in human terms:  My maternal grandmother’s spirit visiting me, early one morning, when I was ten; my father’s angry spirit pushing my head into a tile wall, in response to a wayward thought I had, about a year after his passing; Penny’s spirit filling our bedroom, as her body lay dying in a hospice, ten miles away; a bright, multi-coloured light flashing frenetically, at a spot called Sipapu (Emergence Place), on the floor of Palo Duro Canyon, as I sat on a nearby bench; my maternal grandfather’s spirit, regarding me with a stern eye, when I stopped shy of climbing to the top ledge of Cathedral Rock, in Sedona.  These are experiences that many would regard as hallucinations, but they all occurred during daylight, when I was awake, and I haven’t used mind-altering substances since 1981.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.  So goes a line from the song, “Closing Time”, by SemiSonic.  I see this, in terms of each day, week, month and year.  I have seen my own transition from married caretaker to wandering widower.  Now I am becoming a solitary seedsower, concentrating on helping to build a community. There will be other transitions ahead; other tides, rolling in, rolling out.

9 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 277: Every New Beginning…..

  1. Oh, my goodness, Gary — this post is strong confirmation that you belong in Arizona — that’s where your spirit connections are, I wish I could remember Sipapu and Palo Duro Canyon — we were there when I was an early teen, but there are other places as well where the spirits reside and are very strong.


    • For now, I belong in Arizona. There may be a change in 2017, depending on where my son is reassigned. If he stays in SoCal, or goes overseas, I will stay here. If he goes somewhere else stateside, I might move closer to where that is. There is a lot of time in between, though, of which to make the most.


    • From your posts, it sounds like school is starting none too soon. Having been in education, all my adult life, there was never a break from my son’s teachers, and their drama, which often included disrupting my own work. You are a trouper!


  2. Wow. This is quite a blog entry. I hope you will make a special note to save it for inclusion in your travel diary.

    Sipapu? This is in Palo Duro Canyon, or these are two different places?


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