The Road to 65, Mile 280: Driving in Reverse

September 3, 2015, Chino Valley- I have thought a fair amount about the whole Kim Davis episode.  For those who have been living their bliss to the full, lately, she is the County Clerk, in Morehead, KY, who refuses to grant marriage licenses to gay couples, citing her Christian Faith.  For this defiance of Federal law, she has been jailed.

Thinking people have responded dispassionately to the matter.  I have friends, both gay and straight, who have said that Ms. Davis is getting what she deserves, period, without pontificating on what has been leaked to the public about her private life. I have read other commentary that disparages Kim Davis as a person- going far beyond what seems necessary to support the rule of law.  A commentary I heard on the radio, this morning, goes so far as to raise the matter of the human environment of eastern Kentucky, being somehow a factor in her thought processes.

I have been to eastern Kentucky, to Morehead, Ashland and Maysville, specifically.  I am not especially fond of Hillbilly jokes, any more than I am of disparaging “humour” directed at any particular group.  A professor at Berea College, interviewed this morning, pointed out that people in the mountains and rolling plains of Appalachia are as complex and diverse as people are anywhere else.  I have found that to be so.  There are informed and ignorant folk in any given community, from Uptown Manhattan and Beverly Hills, to the most downtrodden communities in Appalachia or the Mississippi Delta.

Ms. Davis’ issues seem to spring more from stubbornness and fear that her world is being turned upside down (which it is, in many respects), than from a lack of intelligence, or cultural stuntedness.  In that sense, she has plenty of company, all along the political and social spectra.  Attacking members of a given group, for the behaviour of some in the group, is akin to driving in reverse.  Maybe your points will stick, but the likelihood of unforeseen problems is greater.

10 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 280: Driving in Reverse

  1. Unfortunately, Kim Davis has defied the law which has clearly been upheld by the courts — it seems to me that some sort of punishment is appropriate — corruption has been running rampant in the country recently, but indefinite jailing seems very harsh.


    • No one should be jailed, indefinitely, for a procedural violation. I do believe that laws need to be upheld. Regulations, which tend to be more arbitrary, are more of a gray area, but this law has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, and needs to be obeyed.


  2. I admire Kim Davis’ commitment to her beliefs. I believe that men and women form the proper marriage configuration. With so many people dumbing down their morals to “fit in” with the weltenshaung of the current moribund society, me included, it is admirable for one to refuse to do something that is felt to be a life or death matter for her. We are talking about souls, not fun stuff. Would you disobey the law if it meant going to jail for your beliefs?

    I love the LGBT community. I do not believe in same sex marriages.


  3. I’m so fed up with the constant chatter on Facebook about her and her situation. What matters is that she had a job to do. What doesn’t matter are her religious beliefs about the job, her hair, her divorces.
    What is happening in the world that we are missing because we’re focused on this one woman?


  4. Unfortunately, some people think that our country should be run as a theocracy. That didn’t work out very well for many of the Moslem countries, nor for humans historically. I’m tired of hearing about it, too, but one can’t help thinking about it when it’s on the front page or home page of every news outlet. Oh well, it keeps me from thinking about Ted Cruz—ewww, now I thought about him! 😦


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