The Road to 65, Mile 286: Flexible

September 9, 2015, Prescott- When I arrived at school, this morning, I had a feeling the day would be different.  Thirty minutes later, I learned that my immediate charge would be absent today.  After about fifteen minutes in the front office, it was decided I would assist the teachers’ clerk. So, my day was spent photocopying, collating and stapling.  Much was accomplished in those areas.  I don’t do well with sitting around idly.

Some people were amazed that I was doing this,but being flexible is one of the things that come with being the eldest of five children, growing up in a house that was originally meant for four people, and there were seven of us.  Being flexible is one of the things that come with being an educator in a state that is only slowly coming to realize that the welfare of children is more important than tax breaks for private prisons, or perks for office holders.  The first example is one I treasure.  The second is one I value, but for the sake of those children,  I wish it were not so.

Flexibility of mind is a definite challenge to ego.  Without it, though, I would never have left alcohol behind, never have pursued, and entered, into wedlock, and certainly would not have settled down. Flexibility of mind, and of heart, is the ground floor of my salvation.

I think these things as we continue into another silly season of electoral politics.  With Aviici, I am wont to say, “Wake me up when it’s all over”.  That wouldn’t be flexible of me though, would it?

11 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 286: Flexible

  1. As a sales exec at a small student loan facility, when I saw piles of applications backing up when I was not particularly busy, I would grab a pile and data-input them. People didn’t understand this, but it was mindless work, and allowed me to do some of the thinking and planning I was being paid for. Flexibility is a very valuable trait! I hope your ‘charge’ is back in school tomorrow!

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  2. There is something to be said for “wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older” especially when it comes to the political season.
    I agree with you. Flexibility is important. It makes my life possible.


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