The Road to 65, Mile 311: Role Models

October 4, 2015, Prescott-  I went to view the film, “The Martian”, this evening, it being one of three offerings that pique my interest, among the films being shown at our local Picture Show Cinema.  I like that theater, because of the $5 Senior tickets.  It is always crowded, as the General tickets are also economical.

“The Martian” focuses on Matt Damon’s character, and his solitude on Mars.  An equally interesting backflow is the depiction of two strong women astronauts- the Commander (Jessica Chastain- always a force of nature) and the Engineer (Kate Mara).  The men on the crew, including Damon’s character, look upon these two as equals, if not superiors.

I’ll not say anything further about the film.  It’s too much worth seeing on your own.  The thoughts it generated in me were that we have finally reached the time, as a species, when gender should have nothing to do with limiting who is a role model for whom.  A strong woman is vital to the self-concept of young girls, AND there is much that boys can take away from her example.  This shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.  Girls have looked up to men, as character models and teachers, for hundreds of years.

When I was at Hope Fest, yesterday, the Security Team was led by a young woman, who stood 5’1″.  She had gravitas, a very strong sense of command.  This is the sort of presence that will, over time, serve to erase sexism and misogyny.  I have written, previously, of a time when my 50-year-old self worked under the supervision of an 18-year-old woman, who simply had deep knowledge of the particular situation, and was worthy of every ounce of respect I mustered.  I would not have done well in that situation, without her leadership.

We are entering  a fine New Age.

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