The Road to 65, Mile 346: Advocacy

November 9, 2015, Chino Valley- I has now been almost a month, since I took on this work.  As I expected, several people have come on my sites and chided me for coming “out of retirement.”  My affairs and choices are mine alone, though, so I take my hat off to those who have stood by my side.  The boo-birds aren’t going to be anywhere around, when I am in the oldest stages of life, and I am determined to not be the least burden to my son and other family.

The bottom line is, I am working  harder than I have in years, because the group of children needs a tireless advocate.  I can go on like this, for at least five years, and longer, if necessary. So, for the next month, and most likely longer, here I am.  I don’t have to be anyone’s favourite.

8 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 346: Advocacy

  1. Good for you for “coming out of retirement,” and planning ahead for your own later life! When I was your age, several of my colleagues asked me repeatedly when I was going to retire — they saw my success, attributed it to my territory, and wanted me to retire so they could lay claim to my success. Little did they know that I had pretty much worked out the territory, and since success was measured in incremental success, they would not have done so well. My answer to them was that I’d retire when I was ready to do so — I didn’t know what that meant, until the day I decided I was ready! May you work full-time as long as you wish!


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