The Road to 65, Mile 356: Positivity in the News

November 19, 2015, Chino Valley- Day Four of my friend’s Positivity Week looks at good news from the mass media.  I find two such reports today.

One, in the Chino Valley Review, (, details our school’s annual Science Fair.  Two of my current students won First Place ribbons, though in fairness, most of the preparatory work on this was done by my predecessor and the leg work, by the boys’ parents.  The ideas came from the students themselves, which is the main thing.

The second, reported on Phoenix-area television, concerns a nine-year-old boy and his emotional-support animal, a pot-bellied pig, which he had named Maggie.  The animal was the subject of an anonymous complaint, leading to the City of Chandler moving to force the family to get rid of  Maggie.    The family, their neighbours and animal-rights activists banded together and, citing the Americans with Disabilities Act, persuaded the city to reverse its decision.  The one down-street neighbour who raised the objection has also relented.

These past two weeks have had lots of bad news, but the brightness is also here.  The light is building, even as darkness rises in clouds.


8 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 356: Positivity in the News

  1. You have lots to be thankful for, Gary, as we enter this next week of Thanksgiving! I’m headed out tomorrow for a week in Santa Barbara — I hope you will spend the day with Aram in San Diego!


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