December 4, 2015, Prescott- The kids and I did a lot of work, yesterday, so I went to bed early.  Today was also full, mostly with errands that a “day of rest” finds waiting.  My life has gone well this week, culminating with the news that I had passed the third and final examination, prior to my application for elementary certification, and likely continuance in my current position.

Not so in the Indian manufacturing hub of Chennai, the Madras of colonial times.  It’s said that ten feet of water have submerged some parts of the fourth largest city in India.  Aerial photos show a series of islands, and the rain still comes.

Chennai is becoming a real time poster child for climate change, even as the ministers of 150 nations continue their deliberations in far-off Paris.  It is a fair question to ask, whether there will be a recovery this time.  This is not a matter of histrionics or handwringing.  In too many cases, politicians, conservatives mostly, play the game of the perfect being enemy to the good.   We are now considering the immediate futures of 11 million people in Chennai, to say nothing of the 60 million between the twin megalopolises of Kolkata and Dhaka, nearly 1,000 miles to the northeast, Bangkok, further east, and the myriads of islands in the Indian Ocean and in the far-flung Pacific.  The good must suffice, and the perfect be built on it, eventually.  Paris has to produce concrete results.

A popular American television program is presenting the scenario of 2 % of the world’s population disappearing, POOF!  Sounds like the alarm bells are far more real than the legislators gathered in Washington prefer to believe.

10 thoughts on “Chennai

  1. A friend of mine is in India right now. She has posted many photos of Chennai. She had planned to visit Chennai, but couldn’t get in. Several days ago, it was announced the airport would remain closed until Sunday.


  2. Our legislators also need to take a look at the far northwestern coast of our own country, where there are towns in Alaska that are having to relocate farther inland than their traditional location — and the coast of the Pacific Ocean from north to south, where the ocean is experiencing King Tides and higher waves, along with greater resultant damage and higher protective sand berms! I don’t believe that many people will disappear — poof — but I do believe they will need to relocate to avoid disappearing over very short time.


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