Square One Calling

December 7, 2015, Chino Valley- This morning, I presented the school’s director with the results of my tests, only to be told that it was too late, and that my replacement would be reporting for work on January 4.

The song is never done, until Mickey Spillane’s woman of size lets loose.  So it is, with my formerly possible work situation at Mingus Springs Charter School. The song has been delivered. The upside, for the children, is that their third teacher of the year has a Special Education background. They need that skill set.  It is imperative, however, that she also prove to be a compassionate, loving soul, and, for now, I am taking it on faith that she is.  I will maintain contact with the families, and will know if things go awry.

This job impelled me to become certified as an elementary teacher, something I had resisted for a while, out of the ignorant belief that it would require a lengthy regimen of coursework and another teaching practicum.  This proved not to be the case, and I will have a certificate in hand, by the end of this calendar year.  That will increase my worth in the Prescott and Chino Valley public schools.

Square One has been my refuge, actually, most of my adult life, and from it, I have gone on to some amazing places, career-wise.  I presently have no way of knowing what 2016 holds in store, but am certain that the possibilities are far wider now, than they were two weeks ago.

I will finish out my six days and be off.  The Spring semester, for now, will be first call, first served.

14 thoughts on “Square One Calling

  1. I’m sorry — for you and for the kids — that it didn’t work out for you to stay in your current teaching spot — may the new year find you another long-term sub position, or better, one that will become permanent. The children need your skills!


    • I will work anywhere that will have me, and where I can make a difference. I’m concerned for the short term adjustment by the children and their parents. There are already rumblings against the school’s director, coming from this action. I am staying out of that one.


      • Somehow it seems a little unfair that you were allowed to believe that you could stay in the job if you got that credential before the end of this term, only to be told that you were too late. Perhaps the parents will be able to accomplish what the credential didn’t! Yes — stay out of the discussion — and keep working on other opportunities — but don’t be surprised as the opportunities arise!


  2. I worked hard on my response to your blog tonight, and since I had my PC tuned up, I was not logged in, forgot my password and lost the response. I will tell it to you Wed. if you will be at the social/fireside.


  3. square one is in a different place now. perhaps it’s square 2? I’m sorry that this didn’t work out the way you’d hoped. It’s hard to imagine the new teacher will care about those kids as much as you do. Alas, it is out of your hands. That said, you do have new possibilities. And, once again, you set a path for yourself and made it happen.


  4. One thing is so true that square one oft results in amazing new opportunities. I have no doubt it’ll work out even better for you. You heart is in the right place and you’re just journeying to where you’re needed most. All the best. You are the best!


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