January 20, 2016, Chino Valley- It’s easy to enter into hibernation, physical and /or mental, in the somnolent season.  I linger in bed a bit longer, in January, than I do even a month prior, or following.  The darkness does not spur one forward.  It is the sense of light; the inner sense of duty, that gets me going, during these days of what passes for winter, around here.

I will be going up to Colorado, next week, leaving Wednesday morning and getting back sometime on Sunday, the last day of January.  Much of the time will be spent talking, pondering and internalizing ways to promulgate the the beneficial use of essential oils.  I am encouraged when I see how many people are taking to these time-honoured healing media.  Whether through the company whose products I promote and use, one of its competitors, or that most American of systems, DIY, essential oils cast forth no side effects.

I digress.  The topic at hand is hibernation.  I wish the Wall Street bears would go back into hibernation, and stay there.  They have a job to do, though:  Teaching us all not to be greedy, for what one holds too tightly, others can and will take away.

Winter, for me, though, cannot be a time of slumber, or of sorrow.  I must go up north, and tend to my part in the healing arts.  I will miss my precious children, those three school days, but what I bring back will only help them, and everyone else I meet, to have a better life.

That said, I may sleep in (until 6:30) tomorrow- unless the call to duty comes beforehand.

10 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. I awoke in January feeling more energetic and more “ambitious” than I have for a long time — and have accomplished more so far than recently (some of that has been things like getting a leaky pipe repaired, shopping for a new washer and dryer [which I will purchase tomorrow], and other must-do’s). I’m waking earlier than I was, and not napping as much. It’s going to be a good year!


  2. http://www.amazon.com/Reference-Guide-Essential-Oils-Cover/dp/1937702073 this edition is effing toothy for cost but, I memorized well ago now many editions of it back every thing it landed in my head. I wouldn’t list it knowing you probably do not patronize this company…which is younliving.com out of utah somewhere and his stuff is toothy to purchase but well manufactured too… but that’s not the point via the book and associations with that company i learned what is a little harder to get into your hands of reliable information on what and how much … well maybe how much, technically this stuff is NOT approved by our fda or food and drug administration so it’s unscientific crapola and thus at best uncertain if not outright harmful legally speaking. I never have forgotten that marjoram which turns out to be a relative of oregano is a cephalic antispasmotic or not clouder of the mind tranquilizing supposedly muscle relaxant as well as a strong diuretic for those with kidney issues. I already did the math on this subject but a drop is a legal measure of which ten to fifteen of them make a militer which means you can calculate dosages within 30% accuracy by measure but not the varying strength of the plant product. this means it’s highly priced for what we get stuff but still far cheaper than a supply at street prices of some powder. wintogreen originally birch but costs are costs so winto green a cheaper bush of containing methyl salicyclate the wintergreen flavor an ester of salicyclate acid and methyl alcohol which if it were ethyl alcohol it’d not be that smell ?taste but a a bitter white powder we know as aspirin which as an oil is is many icy hot type muscle creams you’ve heard of all your life. so it isn’t really all that hard to sort out what can be expected of our chosen products/plants. i warn you it’s a tad more expense to get them as plants rather than westernized products but 😉 all of life is an adventure.


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