Scattered Memories

January 25, 2016, Prescott- I had the unexpected pleasure of working with two groups of first-graders, today.  Later on, came the displeasure of blocking and deleting someone who was soliciting money, which I can’t spare.

Now, let’s get back to the Winter Scavenger Hunt.

I recall little of my first kiss.

I wasn’t at all of the age when such would normally occur.

There was, of course, a lingering sense of bliss.

It set an amorous path in motion, though I was but the age of four.

Time went on, I felt I might have come from Planet Mars.

My consciousness, anyway, was somewhere among the stars.

I ate equally of animal and plant.

My siblings cringed at foods of green.

Not I, without rant,

I took helpings of spinach and broccoli, staying serene.

Macaroni and cheese was a dish at which Mother excelled.

Many meals featured bread crumbs, and their flavour cast a spell.

Alas, the richness of memory

Is a place in which I must not long dwell.

6 thoughts on “Scattered Memories

  1. An interesting commentary on you, Gary! Not many young kids eat broccoli and spinach without complaint. And it’s interesting that bread crumbs, most often used as a filler or a topping, are the food that is remembered most. I love this poem.


  2. I’m glad that you’ve blocked the person soliciting money. It bothered me that you have people you consider friends who ask for money. I’m old school. I was taught that you don’t ask friends for money.
    Fun poem.


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