The Ochre Iguana

February 7, 2016, Prescott- I was happy with our Baha’i reflection meeting, this morning and I am happy for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.  Now it’s time for a short verse, based on prompts from the Winter Scavenger Hunt.

19. mild, ochre, bulb, tail, scale

Have you ever been to Khamsomulb?

A mild isle, ’tis, where grows a delightful bulb.

The shallots on Khamsomulb feed an iguana,

whose loving master named her Shannah.

Shannah lives among the reddest of rocks,

and so has developed a hue that might shock.

She’s ochre, you see, from crown to tail,

with nary a hint of green, not even on her scale.

Shannah the Iguana is fed shallots and fish,

which she knocks out, with her ochre tail’s

Swish, swish.



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