Prescott Circle Trail: Lingering Snowpack

February 15, 2016, Prescott-  I spent yesterday afternoon not being a nuisance to anyone, and finishing my walkabout of Segment 6, on the Prescott Circle Trail.  Long segments, such as this, can be broken into two manageable hikes.  Today, I started at the trailhead that lies across a narrow, but busy, highway from Goldwater Lake.  There was plenty of parking in the dirt lot, so by 1 PM, I was bound for the point at which I stopped on my last visit to this route.

The first part of the trail was dry, which was fine by me, as it was also the closest thing the trail offered to being steep.  Mud, and snowpack, came a bit later, and were a constant, for the length of the trail.  There are seven “fingers” of Government Canyon that impact this section of trail, but not as much up and down, as in the eastern part of the canyon.

Two hours after I started, the segment’s end came, at the three-way junction of Prescott Circle, Boy Scout Trail and Turley Trail.  Boy Scout leads to Walker Road, near Lynx Lake.  Turley, whose trailhead is a mile east of my house, brings one back towards downtown.

With my car back near Goldwater Lake, I tooled around the back country of Government Canyon, for about an hour, then headed in reverse.

Here are a few scenes from this workout, which resulted in 10 miles, altogether.


Western end of Segment 6, Prescott Circle Trail

Above, are two views of Goldwater Lake, which has upper(left) and lower (right) halves.


Snow appeared frequently, along the north side of the canyon, as one might expect.


Snowfield, on east side of “finger” Number 3, Government Canyon.

I reached my turn-around point (left), and felt the urge to look around.  So, I did an extra loop, including this limestone outcropping, on Seven-Mile Gulch Trail.  This became a two-mile loop.

The return hike was not strenuous, and I made it back to the west-facing section of trail, in time for a glorious sunset.


Sunset near Goldwater Lake, Prescott, February 14, 2016.

So it is that I have completed half of the Prescott Circle Trail.  In truth, though, with trails, one is never “done”.  The stunning scenery is here for anyone who needs a lift.

9 thoughts on “Prescott Circle Trail: Lingering Snowpack

  1. A beautiful springtime trail — and that was a glorious sunset. We’ve had some good sunsets here as well, as the air is full of humidity and/or dust blowing in from the desert! It’s been 90 deg here the last 2 days, and tomorrow will be cooler for a couple of days, with a light storm blowing through.


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