February 23, 2016, Prescott- 

Northern lights, prehensile, love in all its forms, dish soap

I have often struggled, over the years, to understand the motives and behaviour of my contemporaries and certain of my elders.  Children and teens, especially since I have “grown up” are easier to “grasp”, in terms of what makes them tick.

I have done better in understanding people of all ages, over the past five or six years, having seen, firsthand,  how stress and anxiety can lead good people to hurt others.  God knows, I have dished out a few hurts, myself, and also because of stress.

Lubricants, of various kinds, from dish soap to sweet nothings, can ease much pain and lend to the solution of all kinds of problems.  Their partner in so doing is love, in all its forms.  I have written about love, of course, most recently on Valentine’s Day.  The expected earful, about love being far more than mere romance, was not long in coming.  To me, the fact is that love is the basis for the existence of the Universe.

The Creator’s Love for His creatures is evident in everything that is good, and in all the challenges that beset us, as well.  Some have faced sufficient challenges in this life, as to want to throw things at me, for having said this.  It remains, however, that challenges and problems are frequently the vehicles to illumination and understanding.  A physical example lies in the solar storms and flares that,,apparent.

I will write further about those realizations that have come to me, through trial, especially over the past twenty six years.  It is my goal to give rest to the adage, “There’s no fool like an old fool.”

9 thoughts on “Prehensile

  1. I’m going back to challenges i k now have results… foodwise hmph… while my lil pretzel vid was neat even my execution of it was joyous it was plain boring and that’s a sin in trying to make exciting. I mean I know beans are very boring but if executed wel, they’ll not perhaps be very exciting but lordy they produce something of a smiled ember or three if done well and i can not always do them well.


      • MMMMM! you make me want to change religeons to be closer to that divine. best ever beans in chili i made got the hot rocks comment as the crock broke and i used a cup of new mexican hot chili powder thinking people could stand some zest…the four ear old didn’t apreciate the lava. 😛 of course, don’t get me wrong i made a variety of doors must be opened after for safety refried beans pots… i’m better at those, but i’ve so far never made a chili anyone would eat and like.


  2. The most liberating choice I’ve made in life was to not take the behavior of anyone else, personally. I didn’t stop wondering about motive and psychology, because I think it’s the most interesting stuff of humanity… but it gave a sense of clarity. People are strange creatures. I love them for it.


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