Seeking Family

March 2, 2016, Prescott- I drove two friends, mother and daughter, to the airport, early this morning.  They left cool Prescott for mild Phoenix, then headed for frigid Milwaukee.  The  quest was simple- to see family, including a newborn child.  Perhaps, with enough positive energy, they will bring milder temperatures to southeast Wisconsin.  In any event, I wish my friends and their family a safe and pleasant time together.

This brings me to the fact that we are each, in one way or another, seeking our true family.  I am fortunate, biologically, to have a large, nurturing family, whose matriarch is still very much alive and well. I am also fortunate, spiritually, to have a larger, more nurturing family, spanning the globe.  Besides making my tendency to wander actually bear some meaning, when I do go further afield than my Southwest home base, my greater family helps me build a solid foundation, for those times when I am rooted here.  To be sure, I don’t stay put nearly enough to suit many of the people here, but I put that time to good use.

That is what being part of a family structure does- it orients, helps ground a person, and nurtures- always nurtures.  What it must not do is stifle, suppress and cause stagnation.  I wish, for my spiritual family, both here in Prescott, and across the planet, to ever seek the first path.


5 thoughts on “Seeking Family

  1. Because of the nurturing you got, you were provided by a sense of strength and nurture. And your Mom too, had a good guidance for you. 🙂
    That is a lot, that would last in your life forever. 🙂


  2. I can’t say much for my biological family. The only person that has been there for me as far as biological family goes is my mom. The rest of my family just isn’t very nice and I honestly feel like I don’t belong.

    I think family are people who care about you, love you, and accept you for who you are. And most of the people I consider family are not related to me at all, but they do all the things a family should do. I think all that matters is that you have people who do truly care about you and biological or not doesn’t matter. At least, that’s what I’ve learned in my experience.


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