Trafficking, and Obfuscation

March 24, 2016, Prescott- I watched an episode of a network television show, on my laptop, this evening.  It dealt with the abuse of teenaged girls by a sex-trafficking ring.  The piece was outlandish, on the surface, having, as its antagonists, two powerful members of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy in New York. The piece was fictitious, yet showed how diligent police work, and an appeal to the humanity of a low-level operative in the ring, gave up the culprits.

It was no surprise, though, that during the early stages of the investigation, the ringleaders turned to obfuscation, to role reversal, and smoke-screening, in their attempts to get out from under the encroaching detectives. This is a common modus operandi  of wrongdoers with means.

This stays in my mind, because yesterday I read an article in the Global Post, an online news magazine I have trusted for several years.  The article takes issue with widespread concern over sex trafficking, specifically in the country of Cambodia. The author quotes an “expert”, who has “lived with the sex workers” in that country, as saying that a Cambodian woman who enlisted the aid of U.S. journalist Nicholas Kristoff, in shining a light on the problem of sex trafficking in her country, was exaggerating, had falsified and embellished her reports, and that making human trafficking a cause celebre was, in the case of Cambodia at least, a misrepresentation of the facts.

This is what the powerful do, when their activities, and the income they derive from those, are threatened:  Obfuscate, discredit and go back to business as usual. Maybe there are plenty of women who choose a life of compensated sexual promiscuity, whether out of economic despair or the sense that this is the only way that they will ever know physical intimacy with a man.  They, however despondent their lot, are not the primary focus of those who have taken up the cause of bringing an end to human trafficking.

The shameful attempt by Global Post to becloud this whole matter will never stop those of us who are committed to ending the imprisonment and torture, to which  thousands of women and children are subjected, world-wide, day by excruciating day.  I urge each person reading this to stand up to those beguiled by their own perceived power and authority, and work to free those, in every nation on Earth, who are held in virtual slavery.

5 thoughts on “Trafficking, and Obfuscation

  1. camp: oh we could easily fund each and all to attend here free but I’ve found the more that accurs the less people take responsibility for their actions, i.e. show up on time or if their child needs a call to alleviate homesickness or a return home they’re not handy….this is not a win a free week without your child free baby sitting thing… it’s about the experiences. so we charged the poor dearly to attend. you get what YOU pay for. I was watching one of these lesser shows where one bartender put lemons in a sink to count the ocassional drink voided out but paid for so he’d pocket the money at the end of the night. it clearly shows lemons counted and specific money being pocketed from a drawer i.e. theft. – at the end of the show it said all employees found work elsewhere…no mention of proven theft/police…all of a sudden, implausible as witth proven video tape evidence and eye witness testimony – such is a crime not a dirty trick. so, given these points you’d unlikely find me less sympathetic but i am towards legit situations where people watch change yet seemingly are trapped in lame living – for they must themselves choose the war to escape thus goodness forbid they lose a battle to escape they do not give up. and also until they are invested to an outcome not me – they’ll never leave it but be magnetized to and from it. this is hard because there is otherwise every sad story going. I only hope i learn ways I personally can aid others should they choose the war of change.


    • We must certainly encourage each person whom we encounter, to take the high road of self-sufficiency, as much as possible. You and I are responsible for ourselves, with nary a cent of charity. The use of trafficking of others, as a source of grotesque income, is charity turned on its head. That is yet another reason that people of good will should oppose trafficking of people. The primary reason, though, is that it is just, plain disgusting.


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