Meme Chose

April 13, 2016, Prescott- 

(The title is in French, and is pronounced ” mem shoze”, meaning “same thing”.  It has nothing to do with Internet memes.)

Walking down the street,

As we all anticipate the return of heat,

I sense a bit of apprehension,

from those behind me,

as approaching young men

draw our attention.

I’ve lived a good life,

so I feel no worry.

They are just people,

so no need to scurry.

It’s said to be good to confront

our prejudices.

Giving them voice,

one’s tolerance actually



8 thoughts on “Meme Chose

  1. How very true — I’ve been known to cross the street! I think acknowledging one’s prejudices, at least to one’s self, allows one to deal with them appropriately. I’d like to say I’m not prejudiced, but I believe everybody has some prejudices — I just know what my prejudices are.


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