Not Your Call

May 16, 2016, Prescott-Β 

(This is in response to people of various ages, who have attempted to harass me, in recent days.)

I am of “mixed race”.

It’s not your call,

whether I work in a particular school.

That I don’t fit your criteria

of Correct Colour,

means nothing.

I am a straight male, who acts his age.

It’s not your call,

whether I work in a particular classroom.

That I don’t like your gay come-ons,

and insults, means nothing-

to me, or to my friends,

whether they themselves are gay or straight.

I am a World Citizen.

It’s not your call,

as to for whom I vote,

who I call friend,

or who I think should be allowed in the United States,

or anywhere else.

Your fear blinds you,

a naturalized citizen.

It does not blind me.

Enemies of mine,

I make and live by my choices.

These are my calls,

supported by my friends,

those of my family who support me,

and my supervisors at work,

who believe in me.

9 thoughts on “Not Your Call

  1. Post this on Facebook! It has general appeal. Of course, unless that would cause you more harm. I am sorry that people are uncaring; you are more than fine.


  2. Well said Gary. Sometimes people try to mold us to their own expectations. I have moved away from all that, long time ago, and now if people tell me to do something, I just ignore and do the opposite.
    I am just glad that you a friend of mine. It means a lot, to have friends who are genuine. And you are one.


  3. I’m sorry to hear you are being harassed! The way you live your life is your business alone — sometimes it’s easier not to talk about some parts of one’s own life. I learned early on not to discuss politics or religion aloud except in the appropriate groupings — and other sensitive issues can also be kept to one’s self. Take care, and continue on with the things you enjoy!


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