May 25, 2016, Prescott-

The blue light flashed and took its toll

both within the plane and without,

hearts and minds rolled.

The force of the minute,

brought down the mighty,

and the sky, for a time,

was, alternately, smoky black

and shimmering white.

This was no punishment for Nanking,


or Bataan.

It was, in fact.to limit even more blood

on the crowded sands.

In two days’ time,

some 71 years later,

a sublime view of peace

will be offered,

by a target of haters.

No apology,

just resolve.

Be the peace

you want to see.

8 thoughts on “Hiroshima

  1. I would note that fukashima, cherynoble, three mile island the Karen silkwood story…silkwood… the Cuban missle crisis, that trash fire nearer nuclear waste storage…the uptake in cancern along with birth defects and in general population… the fundamental lack of long term studies on any practice/product like ‘gmo” and that it specifically is only? toxic to bugs yet is legally a registered pesticide so someone truly can unethically own our food before the plant is even planted. irradiated food like Campbell’s processing of product by exposure to cobalt sixty I think it was radiation…pretty deep pool with a blue glow.. which actually doesn’t change the shelf life longevity vut only shifts the product to market timing that’s still advantageous with a treated product. I’m not sure that the wars being long distant memories which is nice that we’ve bought peace we bring …I am not sure that we just play dangerously some other way just as harmful. that said, I like it when the watch dial lights up in the dark just after the lights go back out, I think nuclear energy/econmy semi cool except for the lingering death from use/misuse part. but, again, while cities surely can be a dangerous enough place anywhere on earth they also can be inviting. we on average live longer yet it seems so strange that we infact seem to know far more who went too early… weird this life. I can not claim philosophic genius either as I like my mfoods irradiated as then I don’t have to be so precise cooking them. I like a host of chemicals most either made by or just reuses of the same crap that probably produced so much of who I am ..dow chemical…makers of household cleanly salvations or agent “orange”… I may show pattern exposure from a generation prior to me exposed. MAY thus is it any more peaceful to quietly ppoison the multitudes for profit railing against the noise of war and it’s sadness only to know people struggle onward silently harmed and all this hokum of pay dearly for non diddle foods more than a marketer’s dream a wet one. get less pay more? quality! yet where is that line of ethic? where is the actioned concern for safety? knowing something is risky and showing more long term proof f remediations paid for in advance for inevitable accident? I don’t think Hiroshima signaled peace. however it sure was the land of Asian investment! limiting only when the baby boomers magically had children of employed age out there increasing tax base other ways… but japan was hot til sixty three! sixty four meant you paid more ..I’m not sure any of this takes away from a thought proving piece and a smile… but so you know it concerns me people think a horror saved more when it probably did and will cause far m ore death than any it ever will have saved.


  2. The conundrum of killing to save lives is, hopefully, going to be seen for what it is- a grandiose cop-out, by the rising generation. If any of those, with whom I have discussed the matter, are any indication, there will be more proactive dialogue and sane analysis of any and all proposed solutions, in the decades to come- even as the fallacy of war as solution is more graphically in view.


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