Investing Time

May 27, 2016, Prescott- This was something of a free day.  There was no work, since we got all our end-of-year tasks done yesterday.  I had to take the Nissan back to the shop, to get a tire re-balanced and thus get rid of the Fifty Shimmy (what happens when an unbalanced tire hits 50 MPH).  Whilst this was being done, I had breakfast at a place called Waffles ‘n’ More, which is a rather popular eatery on Prescott’s northwest side.  Enjoying a waffle topped with sliced mangoes, I can understand why.  WnM has lovely Southwestern murals on its adobe walls, which adds to a joyful ambiance. I will go back again, when my car next needs service.

After breakfast, an early Memorial Weekend visit to Prescott’s Pioneer Cemetery allowed me to honour several deceased Baha’i friends, and Prescott’s premier historian:  Sharlot Hall, whose name graces our historical museum.  I will be out of town for several days, starting tomorrow, so this was a welcome opportunity to reflect on all who have gone before us and show appreciation for what each has given.

I was taken aback, later in the afternoon, by the sudden illness of a dear friend.  After several hours of diligent attention and labour by ER staff at our Regional Medical Center, it appears her condition has stabilized.  I felt relieved enough to attend a dinner in honour of disabled veterans and to do a 30-minute workout afterward. Household activities ended the day, in advance of a drive up north, to Carson City and Reno.

So went a “free day”.  Each moment one is given, can be spent or invested.  Sometimes recreation is investment; other times, so are work, acts of service or time socializing with loved ones.  The aim is to continue to build character.

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