Tales from the 2016 Road: Back to the Texas Panhandle

July 1, 2016, Amarillo-  Any road trip that involves I-40 will entail a stop in Amarillo- at least as long as Texas Tidbits is around to spin a yarn or two.  Wes has been a friend for about ten years now, since I started reading his recollections of his town as it was, in the heyday of Route 66.

Southwest 6th Street, below Georgia Avenue, is a pleasing remnant of that time, and may as well be called Amarillo’s Fun Zone.  It reminds me of the North Side, in Fort Worth, or old downtown Nashville.


Southwest 6th Street, Amarillo

The Goldenlight Cafe and Cantina is a good place for old men and young ladies to see each other as human beings, in search of an appreciative listening ear and reassuring arm around the shoulder- so I’m told.  The folks who were here today seem to get along well, and the photo board shows many more, of people who have befriended one another, over the years.  Wes has taken to this place, and its regulars, since Blue Front became a more upscale establishment.  Oysters for breakfast don’t quite cut it, in the Amarillo he calls home.  We each had our choice of hamburger, and shared a “small” basket of fries.  (Remember, this is Texas.)


Interior of Goldenlight Cafe and Cantina, Amarillo

Wes was a bit more pensive than usual.


Wes, in the Goldenlight

After lunch, I drove Wes over to another of his favourite haunts, the Dragon Bar.  It’s a small neighbourhood joint, close to I-27.  Wes pointed out a mural, across the street.  He said it was designed by an attorney who organized the Freedom Project, which focused on getting innocent people released from prison, a while back.


Street mural, 15th Street, Amarillo

Wes was tired, after a fashion.  So, bidding him farewell, I headed towards Oklahoma, but via the upper Panhandle, stopping by Lake Meredith, a popular local boating site, west of Borger.


Lake Meredith, TX


Lake Meredith, TX


The wild prairie, east of Lake Meredith, TX

There is much else worth exploring and photographing, in the rough remnants of glaciated North Texas.  It was getting on in the day, though, and Enid, OK was still ahead.

NEXT UP:  Da Vinci, Plant in the Window and Art Deco

6 thoughts on “Tales from the 2016 Road: Back to the Texas Panhandle

  1. I’ve only ever been in Central TX, flying over the western part to get there. That looks like a lovely lake, but perhaps a bit in the middle of nowhere!


  2. Your road trips and meeting your friend is very exciting. And been able to go about with him. 🙂 The photos of different places is so interesting. As someone said, each town or city, has its own beauty and secret.


  3. Have fun and safe travels! We’re on the road again too, in your neck of the woods. So many places to explore yet. 🙂 Blessings.


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