Tales of the 2016 Road: Crystal Clear in Georgia


July 17-18, 2016, Newnan, GA-  I got up earlier than usual, on Sunday morning.  It was 12:30 A.M., PDT; 3:30 A.M., Eastern Daylight Time.  No, I wasn’t planning an assault on one of the Great Smoky Peaks- the nearest, Mt. Mitchell, being an 11-hour drive, anyway.  The occasion that set me on the road, at 4:30, was a 12 Noon lunch at my brother’s house, in this western Georgia town, some 240 miles north of Hudson.

Breakfast on the fly, and  brief gift shopping at Florida Citrus Center, in Jasper, on the Georgia state line, were my only diversions, en route to Newnan.  I actually made it, right after the Noon Bell.  After meeting, and being escorted to the lunch table, by my fourth grand nephew, I joined brother and the gang for cranberry chicken salad and a variety of fixings.

The centerpiece of the afternoon was us all taking a pontoon boat ride on man-made, but crystalline, Lake Redwine.  This reservoir has none of he brownery of most southern lakes, perhaps because its fill level is well-managed.

Here are several photos of the lake and its surroundings.

The pontoon took the seven of us around the lake, under the able navigation of my brother and nephew, in a bit under forty-five minutes.  You can see how the lake is a place of solace, for so many, even on a warm summer day.

The place has different ambiances, at sunset,


and at dawn.


First light along Lake Redwine, GA

After my nephew, niece-in-law and the kids had left, the three of us headed up to The Hil, a farm-to-table restaurant, in the rustic community of Serenbe, several miles north of Newnan.  This would be a place where I could feel well at home, also, but for the price tag. The Hil’s cuisine, though, is thoroughly refreshing.


The day was exhilarating, and prepared me for Monday.  This day was spent in well-rewarded service, taking two of my best friends in all the world to tend to personal matters, enjoying fine meals at Pappacito’s (lunch) and Six Feet Under (dinner), with a viewing of the film, “The Shallows” (Blake Lively’s character faces down a shark, after it bites her leg), in between errands and meals.  Six Feet Under is so-named, as it is located across the street from historic Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, where the golfer, Bobby Jones, among other prominent Atlantans, is laid to rest.  It’s said that there are those who practice putting on the cemetery grounds.  Six Feet Under, though, is rather a lively place.  I liked the fare at both establishments.

Since my mood was far more relaxed and upbeat than those of my last visit here, five years ago, Newnan and Atlanta likewise felt more like home.  It was well worth the long detour down to both Florida and Georgia.

NEXT:  Back west, through Tennessee and the Great River Valleys

6 thoughts on “Tales of the 2016 Road: Crystal Clear in Georgia

  1. That is a long detour! Love those kind of detours when I have time. The lake looks beautiful. Love the picture of the sunset too. Beautiful.


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