August 15, 2016, Prescott- Today and tomorrow mark what medieval Europeans would have called the Ides (divides) of August.  Most of us are aware of the concept of dividing months into fortnights (periods of two weeks), from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”. The Ides of March became associated with foreboding, associated with the death of Caesar.

Division, for me, is something we need to work hard at overcoming.  I am in a new work environment.  The three of us who staff the room are working to overcome differences in style, priority, and temperament, both among ourselves and with the 6-7 supervisory staff, who are in and out of the room during the day.  Then, there are differences that arise with, and among, our charges- the students in our self-contained unit. Finally, there are the other staff at the school, who are united in their little groups, but have a ways to go in opening up to those perceived as “others”.

Division, at its most innocent, is a coping strategy for making sense of one’s world.  At its most nefarious, it is a way of maintaining barriers.  This is something we all tend to do, to one extent or another.  My goal is to eliminate as many of “the Ides”, socially, as I can, without falling back into my former patterns of being pushy and insistent.  Those only closed up the circles more quickly.  This time, I will be more prone to careful listening and patience.


13 thoughts on “Ides

  1. Schools in my experience are notorious for ides. I don’t understand why. Homestyle advice: keep your own counsel; this too shall pass; God will provide. Baha’u’llah is preparing you for our Hurculean efforts. IMHO.

    Happy Connecting. Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 5


  2. fifteen sixteenth we can fraction and then set up the eleven fifty five pm to twelve oh five am two song thingum. songs 100 years; five for fighting cause it’s all fifteen-y 😉 and then thecrests; sixteen candles.


  3. this is sounding like just the right time to say… ” just like sands through an hour-glass, these are the days of our lives.” yes, just the same way an atom is a universe or at least solar system to itself where by SIZE the proton / neutron is almost nothing but most of the mass and the electron so very much everything visible but caparatively s”small” equal in plus minus ing of course but otherwise big because it is until it spins that it gains it’s mass.


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