You Matter, Too

August 30-31, 2016, Prescott-  Tomorrow, my Facebook page will have “Blue Lives Matter”, in the profile pic. This does NOT mean that I have suddenly discarded my conviction that Black Lives Matter, Vivas Latinas Importan, or that the world needs Native Americans.

My life has always mattered- to me, to my family, to my core group of friends from adolescence and to countless others met along the way, ever since.  I can’t remember ever really feeling unloved, even in fleeting moments of self-pity.  Worshiping Boous Hoous wouldn’t have gotten me very far, anyway.  I also can’t remember a time when I was truly destitute, in terms of quality human friendships.

Too many, however, can’t say the same.  Too many parents and spouses place conditions on their love.  Too many children are taught that it is harshness and hardness which bring about success in life. Too many in positions of authority, from teachers to police officers, are taught that stridency is the way to bring about obedience, whilst humility is for wimps. Too many, in positions of trust, are deluded by programs and scripts that don’t serve anyone other than the executives of the corporations which dream up these programs and scripts.  Too many vacillate between “Less (staff) is more” and “More (clientele per worker) is optimal.”   Thus Child Protection Agencies, schools and counseling services are operating with insanely unwieldy worker/client ratios.  Too many civil servants and elected officials are encouraged to place themselves above the needs of the people whom they represent.

The truth is, each of us matters- as much as the next.  It has always been so, in the eyes of the Creator.  Black lives matter, too.  Vivas Latinas se importan, tambien.  White lives have never been seen as not mattering.  Native American lives deserve to be valued, a lot more than they seem to be, even today.  Asians, Pacific Islanders, Australian Aboriginals, “Mixed Races” of all kinds matter, also.

One does NOT matter, to the exclusion of others.  The misguided young man who told a Black girl in Buckeye, Arizona, two days ago, that her life and those of her fellows in BLM do not matter, is living in a deluded construct of the past, which can never be successfully revived.

The truth, inconvenient only to those whose own self-loathing  is couched in racism, is that the world is showing us its true nature: There is but one human race, and we all need to get along.  There is no going back, anymore than there is a successful outcome to driving in reverse on a freeway.

I support Blue Lives Matter, because too many decent, hard-working peace officers die on the job.  I support Black Lives Matter because too many decent people of colour are dying young, often at the hands of those who look like them.

My life matters, so does yours.


7 thoughts on “You Matter, Too

  1. I agree with your basic premise, and believe that all lives matter equally. I also believe, though, that separating lives by race, occupation or any other factor can become divisive in itself, thus defeating the purpose of the “movement.” Thus “Black lives matter” separates (divides) out those who are black, and similarly “blue lives matter” separates out those whose occupation involves the blue suits of policemen. If the goal is to bring people together, perhaps these slogans are self defeating and might better be morphed into some more unifying or calming phrase that would be more inclusive.


    • There are several such truly unifying efforts, at the grassroots level. “All lives matter” is a basic truth, which, unfortunately has been obfuscated into a term of “exclusion” or of missing the very point which it makes. I get the sense that those objecting to the term are the ones with something to gain from keeping people divided.


  2. You are right. Everyone’s life matters. There are powers given to people sometimes that are way too young and arrogant. People in the profession where children & freedom can be taken away need to answer to someone and have children of their own and be happy in that. I think sometimes a lot of people who get into those jobs have authority issues and lack life experiences. I know someone who got into police work because he was bitter at his Amish dad. Life’s complicated. Grandparents should be in those jobs. Hehehe. Good thoughts and yes, you matter! 🙂 I’m glad we had love all our lives. It helps us down the road.


  3. That was a excellent post. Your depth of maturity about people, and their want of being wanted is so amazing. You are one of the lucky ones who had a environment of growing up in a family, where you were made to feel wanted and loved.
    Whether it is Black lives, Blue lives, everyone matters. If only we begin to look at people, without looking at the color of their skin, or education, wealth, I am sure we will see, everybody has the same need and that is to be accepted and loved.


  4. I really enjoyed your blog you wrote. I wish more people felt this way. Your writing style is very unique and creative and I really enjoyed it and I hope to hear more. I am also a newer blogger and would love feedback from an experienced writer such as your self. Your feedback of my blog would be greatly appreciated.


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