The Thick Accent

September 2, 2016, Prescott-

(A brief thought, on a sultry night, in which I am lying low.)

You cannot understand, why I take up for men in blue.

Do  you not see, that the worst among them represent what will happen,

should the best among them feel abandoned.

You say, “But you don’t understand, that WE don’t understand

their tendency to rush to judgment, and juryhood.

The police speak a language that is indecipherable, in these parts.

This is a language of both words and gestures, often simultaneous with one another.

Their speech and body language, are hard to understand.”

Hmm.  I see the problem of dealing with snap decisions.

The police officer weighs in on the young men gathered up ahead.

“I think I’ll need backup- and have a bus ready.

You never know what tricks some of THEM may have up their sleeves,” he opines,

as the air feels thick with words and gestures, from one and foreign to the other.

I, the translator and peacemaker, get weary- as well as wary.

4 thoughts on “The Thick Accent

  1. Do you not see that the worst among them, represent what will happen should the best among them feel abandoned. I think these words of yours best express how I feel about judging the boys in blue.
    Isn’t this similar to what has happened to judging teachers? With bad teachers, nobody dies (necessarily), yet we have all been judged with the same authoritarian oversight that we were told was supposed to keep bad teachers out of schools.
    These complex thoughts are not smooth on Saturday morning before coffee.


    • Those moments before coffee- and in mid-afternoon! The other day, my boss thought I was losing it, when I couldn’t recall the pronunciation of my brother’s company’s name. Turns out, they make her favourite brand of hot dogs.


  2. It’s good to be wary. Sometimes I’m too wary, maybe. Too often I feel just like you, weary about all the deception and trickery. 😦 I hope your Sunday is blessed! It’s doesn’t hurt to bless twice, does it? We all need blessed. 🙂


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