Crash Course or Coarse Crash?

September 8, 2016, Prescott-  I have been contributing heavily to the classroom’s instructional day- basically running the Social Studies lesson, in a pinch.  Next week, I will be in training for two days, so hopefully the others will not run out of their own ideas.

Random thoughts- Has anyone read Jerzy Kosinski’s “Being There”?  It is a tale of a novice running for President, and being elected.  Sound familiar? My preferred candidate asked a news analyst, “What’s Aleppo?”  I am disappointed.  I knew what Aleppo was, and where it was, when I was 11.  This candidate needs a crash course in geography.  We must not be content to “all go into the garden.”

The people who thought that another candidate would be the poster child for the resurgence of ignorance, are finding out that he senses an actual chance of winning the Presidency, and is thus refining his efforts.  Whether this will work for him is anyone’s guess.  Many feel that a leopard does not change its spots.

I am opposed to people acting out of ignorance. When I have so lapsed, the reaction has been swift and brutal.  Take the time to enlighten yourself, before, as Abraham Lincoln once said, “opening your mouth, and removing all doubt” ,(about being thought a fool).


9 thoughts on “Crash Course or Coarse Crash?

  1. I’m afraid that the leopard to which you refer has so many spots that changing one or two (or several) wouldn’t solve the problems that make him a poor candidate. Unfortunately, geography has not been taught in schools for many years — a shame, as it’s one of the most fascinating courses for kids to study.


      • That depends on which polls you trust — even the pollsters are saying that it’s impossible to come up with numbers that have any degree of accuracy this time! I think we all have to keep working hard to point out that the leopard’s spots are ever-changing!


  2. So Trump really didn’t know what Allepo was? It is one thing for a normal citizen not to know, but when you are a candidate, and is surrounded by analysts and assistants, you should know!
    I have always been interested in US politics and elections. It is just that, unlike here, the elections there is very interesting, and I also find very intellectual.
    Unfortunately not this time.


  3. I just remain a little distanced from it all this time around. Really don’t like one and am ambivalent about the the other. 😦 I just get so disturbed by ignorance too. Bleh.


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