September 16, 2016, Prescott- 

One child, jealous of another getting the attention

that he, himself, had been getting,

just two minutes before,

took off his shoe and tossed it,

in an arc, towards an empty space,

in the back of the room.

He then flung his food bag,

towards yet another child.

The student who was the focus of teacher’s attention

deflected the bag, away from student # 3,

and no harm was done.

Child doing the throwing

now faces a weekend

of confinement to his room.

There is no daylight,

home and school are tight.

4 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. It’s hard to read that to see that a child who just wants attention is going to be punished probably by getting no attention.
    I’ve been thinking about this boy at school. He’s in 4th grade now. I had him in 1st. I saw him getting a lot of grief from the mean cafeteria supervisor. She says he has a terrible attitude. Yes, he does. But I know what his life was 3 years ago. Sometimes you have to see beyond the immediate. The last thing that kid needs is some nasty woman who doesn’t know him being authoritative at him.

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  2. plus. it is a plus there is continuity of discipline between school and home. minus. I ran/run into finding it easy to get negative attention which is better than no attention at all case in point even the celebrity gossip proves that one worrysome.


  3. Sometimes, I think these punishments are taken too far. That child who felt neglected, should have got a hug, and made to feel, he/she is also important as much as the others.
    Last night’s 20/20 showed a woman who periodically gave the child salt and too much of it, and that child died at the age of 5 years. That mother is in prison now.


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