September 20, 2016, Prescott-

The world is rife with givers and takers.

Most of us fall somewhere in between.

Where I was raised,

children are expected to need.

Adults are expected to stand tall

and provide.

There was a time, not long ago,

when my little family and I

were sorely in need.

Temporary help came,

and was repaid, in due time;

not quickly enough to suit some of my readers,

but fast enough for the creditor.

I have made a life’s work,

of providing for children and teens

in need of comfort and reassurance.

This continues,

and my little ones are secure,

in knowing they will not be left behind.

There are those who react to need,

with rage, coarse insults and threats

to life and limb.

Their way will not be ascendant,

for long,

if at all.

Love survives.



15 thoughts on “Need

  1. It’s unfortunate that love and need are not mutually exclusive. On the other hand, it’s good that we can be in need and yet provide for others in worse/different need. Those who benefit from that provision tend to be less violent than those whose needs are unmet — thus your efforts benefit us all.


  2. May love always win the day. Hate is perpetuated by people who gain power, money and influence because of inciting the mob mentality. We never learn from history because by the time we know it all the younger generation replaces us and the cycle continues! 😛 Makes me tired but I believe God is here, through it all. Don’t understand but glady follow Him. Blessings, Gary!


    • Part of the problem is that we buy into the notion that novel ways of doing things are unworkable. Thus, the same old shopworn fantasies prevail. The rising generation, though, has a different take on things.


  3. I remember mainly donuts so you have a smile out of that…. I don’t know of this slowness hinted at. 😀 I am still an oppinion. 😀 golden flakey patry points for you. as to love ascending. giving and taking, I seem to have to learn to take this life and worry I give of course back yet know it sometimes forsaken as it wasn’t in cold hard cash. I know this I am to learn the power of abundance and that it exists within the troubling opinion of the populace judging forever why how and what not, yet I am to be blind to this and yet open eyed to the bounty of god. tough thing that. a remembered smile over donuts for ya.


      • Zim is quite difficult to describe in terms of the collective mentality but to be fair I’d say that people have long since stopped worrying about the political situation so much. Most people are just trying to make a decent living despite the circumstances. The county’s political direction is vague and most people are disinterested but as with all nations, there are always those who stand to gain considerably more than others. I can only speak for my family I suppose and say that they are somewhat comfortably adjusted despite the poor political economy. Personally, these days I have also resolved to only worry about what’s within my control. But to answer your question more directly, the populace is subdued, the anger has been pacified by the seemingly unshifting status quo. It’s hard to be sanguine about the future state of the nation but I continue to believe that again depending on which side of the divide you are ie. rich or poor – that too can shape how one feels about the future of Zim. I am optimistic to a degree that there is room for improvement but it’s uncertain which way things will go once RG Mugabe is no longer in control.


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