Someday, When You Understand Me Better

September 23, 2016, Prescott- 

My Christian friends,

who are convinced that my belief that all Faiths emanate from One God,

makes me an idolator, a Luciferian:

Someday, when you understand me better,

you will know the love I have for you,

for Jesus the Christ,

and for all who bring God’s Holy Word.

My fellow educators,

content in your small circles:

Someday, when you understand me better,

you will know the regard with which I look upon your work.

School administrators:

Someday, when you understand me better,

you will know that I AM dedicated to the well-being of children,

and recognize that I am not the enemy.

Word Press readers:

Someday, when you understand me better,

you will no longer disdain my spiritual writings,

and will realize that I am not out to “convert” anyone,

to my point of view.

The precious children,

who understand me better than do most adults,

already know these things.

They just know.


16 thoughts on “Someday, When You Understand Me Better

  1. I like how you point out you are sometimes left the impression that you are a luciferian. it tickles just a little bit as the damnation of the sentiment is done with words calling you “the light” case in point, the enzyme system that allows bacteria and animals to produce light is luciferase – as such is the latin base for light. while I do not expect you’ve gone glowing foamy water or buggy on me, it is rather amusing this – the system emits a blue photon which in some cases remains blue and in others is absorbed and re-emitted as green. and as jokes of nature go, you could just pop up like a mushroom nutrition or death to something consuming you just as mushrooms consume what is wasted…nah the nature metaphors light of mythical devils and or mushroomy buggy or foaming…mad or otherwise… you just don’t quite seem to fit them nor annoy people emitting literal light. however i do hope you don’t get all aloe on me metaphorically where in by breaking you we find comfort of your essence – such wouldn’t be nice.


  2. This is why I love spending my life with children. They are easy. They love without restriction.
    There is never only one way to think about something. I’m sorry that you have so much trouble with people who are limited in their thinking.


  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. If it helps, I’ve never gotten the impression that you were out to convert anyone. And I generally enjoy your spiritual writings when I catch them. I’m surprised more American aren’t drawn to the Baha’i perspective on other religions, though I’m not surprised that there are some Christians who think dimly of that perspective.

    There are always Christians who think that nothing good can come from anything that doesn’t come out of Christianity, and those are generally the folks who don’t know enough of Christian history to realize that many of the good things that came out of Christianity were heavily influenced by Judaism as well Greek and Latin philosophy.


  4. Children are often incredibly intuititive. It’s a shame that, as we grow, we lose that basic trust and love for others, and turn it into other emotions that are less constructive, perhaps even destructive. I’m sorry you’re going through tough times, but it sounds like the children do know!


  5. I can really relate to this poem, Gary. I am facing misconceptions in several areas of my life and it’s hard to not become frustrated. On the other hand, learning to deal with the frustration is probably good for me. I hope you get some wins soon to soothe the wounds.

    My uncle married a Baha’i and converted in the late 1980s, with some opposition from my side of the family. I am trying to become Catholic now, with most of my family and the community I live in coming from a strong Protestant background, and with some of my closest online friends expressing some level of doubt or confusion. I am trying to see the moments of criticism as an opening to dialogue that might prove beneficial to one or both parties.


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