More than Useful

October 1, 2016, Flagstaff-

A Jill of all trades has been

working tirelessly,

for nearly a decade,

to keep her children on track.

A long-lost friend

surfaced today, to give

a scholarly presentation.

He and I will be

at another location,


Feast or famine,

with certain friends.

What seemed like

a rivalry between

two institutions

for which I care deeply,

is more a matter

of systemic transition.

These are things I learned, today.

2 thoughts on “More than Useful

  1. I am glad i read this twice – the first reading had me asking if you neww fast friend had you gain a new both respect and yet cling to that old rivalry too…but on “beer terms” – this had me look up when two and two make four and me trying to be funny so I looked up periodic table of elements position four beryllium which came our to be rather interesting to early electronic life in x rays and aerospace but that isn’t why i’d think such first I’d think it was banned from inclusion in auto manufacture but the only complaint brings up its use in auto racing of which the one team complaining against the other manufacturer mferrari against mercedes – had it removed I had heard of it in the early nineties as it was part of the mexican beatle of vw manufacture but it’s toxic in that use …but petronas came up in that complaint as such was the rebranded ferrari engines for other racers and also in the news as the gulf war came around- petronas being a charm to save one’s very life in the potter books… I am not quite clear if this isn’t satyrically or otherwised used but is appropriate to the timeframe of when potter was created but not the racing complaint/scandal. — now i read it was a long lost friend not sure if said soul is gay or not which doesn’t matter but i am curious about the jill of all trades none the same as you seem to be trying to impart something as jack/jill never does much matter to you but certain ways to say stuff male female categorizations does or that’s just an impression i got erronious or not. and so there, now I know maybe how petronas came about now that potters been dead done up complete really for a spell…oh, jk rowling fell off the forbes billionaires list because of excessive philanthropy…funny how I had to know that earlier to go junt down two and two equal as that idiom went andget nuclear about addition and subtraction. I want to know what jack jill is all about. blessed day to you, oh and lightweight doesn’t mean safe apparently ­čśë


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