Conjoint Twins

October 5, 2016, Prescott-

A large rally took place, yesterday, in nearby Prescott Valley.  It was the biggest show ever to hit Yavapai County’s largest city.  I wonder about something, and not just because of a recent Facebook post.

How close, in actuality, are the two dominant candidates for President?

(This is a short post, but the thoughts generated will be of long-lasting import, methinks)

7 thoughts on “Conjoint Twins

  1. I believe they’re polar opposites — with one major exception. The laws on the books will make it virtually impossible for either of them to accomplish their goals unless they have the backing of Congress or unless they can compromise somehow with Congressional leaders. Their goals may actually be similar, but the ways they propose to meet those goals are very different. There have been elections in the past in which I have felt that the two candidates were very similar — but not this time!


  2. I further believe that, no matter who wins this election, the division within the country, the vitriol, the stagnation within government, etc. will likely remain for many years.


  3. I heard he was in Prescott. So sad what we have ended up with but hope springs eternal. Oh my! I hate to think we are at this point. 😦


  4. I’m to the point where I think Congress is the real race in this election.
    The exciting (but not really) part of this mess is that if, god forbid, trump is elected and messes up as horrifically as any rational person believes he will, his rabid supporters are going to blame everyone except him and themselves.


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