Fear Itself

October 9, 2016, Chula Vista-

I did a few errands and cleared out the trash and recyclables, this morning.  The rest of the day revolved around binge-watching of the TV show, “Supernatural”, a throwback to the mid- 2000’s and some reading, of some Baha’i documents and a couple more chapters of “To Kill A Mockingbird”, my early Fall re-read.

I am not watching this evening’s debate.  The guys are both on a group video game, and that makes for enough noise.  I am fully aware, courtesy of Sirius XM, of the controversy about  DJT’s vulgarities- which makes him about 1 1/2 degrees lower than a certain former President of recent vintage.  I am also aware that there are all kinds of accusations about how American women love to read about crassness and sexual proclivities- “except when it involves political conservatives.”

There is way too much fear going around, and it will likely lead people, on both ends of the political spectrum, to make bad choices. The fact is, no one person is going to do much of anything to derail our Constitutional way of governance.  If Congress is hog-tied, even a short-handed Supreme Court is going to step up- and we, the people, have ways- peaceful ways, mind you- of curbing executive excess.  Lyndon Johnson knew this, and pulled out of a re-election battle, in January, 1968.  Richard Nixon grudgingly accepted it, in August, 1974.

Fear is a healthy emotion, when it causes a person to pause, and take the measure of a situation, rather than engage in mindless cliff-jumping.  It is unhealthy, when it leads to paralysis and circular firing squads, such as we are seeing on one side of the political divide, and may see across the board, yet.

I have only one thing to say, regarding vulgar treatment of others:  Two wrongs, or twenty, do not make a right.

7 thoughts on “Fear Itself

  1. That particular comparison is particularly nonsensical. 50 Shades is fiction. Trump (no matter how ridiculous) is not. Everything in the concept of 50 Shades is by choice. Trump’s objects have no choice at all. And American women aren’t offended by the words he said, but by the attitude behind them. Like most of the political comparisons of this year, we’re comparing apples and orange (colored person).

    Shaking my head a lot lately.

    Then I watched a video of Santa Domingo. Kind of makes our pathetic political discourse even more small.


  2. Yes, I agree about doing wrong doesn’t make a right. So awful, the things we are being subjected to by the angry media frenzy. 😦


  3. I could win either way or i could lose. I’m curious – to walk across burning fire – it would seem fear despite being embarassing/childish is my greatest ally. a lil water makes heat transferance harder thus saving one from being singed as quickly..possibly allowing one to make it through the fire unharmed. while i could live with either’s SENSE of hope -I’m not keen on how they protect herself hillary nor buffon away from answering legitimate questions trump…yet to have that vote, that hardwon it’ll be vote – will it get either to pass anything to progress us? obviously a wait and see for one of them. it’d not hurt my feelings if on a whim one simply being there means I want to say travel and they make temporarily my limited means travel further…that’s the kind of blessing either actually can be or not. incrimentally advancing what we have however flawed or scrapping as much of it to move in any direction…backwards…or not is alsoa wonder — but i’m most curious about this, columbia had/has a bit of drug action -right? many problems with outright violence all around and they come up with a line of fashionable bullet proof clothing. this spirit of making lemonade from lemons intrigues me- either way we have our chance to be walking the fiery coals, becoming soured, yet we can enjoy some spicey living and lemonade as well.


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