October 13, 2016, Prescott- After a worthwhile five days, assisting my son in getting his recovery from a foot injury into routine mode, I drove back here yesterday.  The whole mess surrounding how one Presidential candidate treats women and girls, followed by how filthy his main opponent’s language is, was kept at bay, during my time in Chula Vista.

These issues, however, do need to be addressed by anyone with a conscience.  So, here goes:  Objectifying anyone, based on one’s own lusts and proclivities, is understandable, in seeing human behaviour from the standpoint of the animal.  Yet, we are, primarily, much more than animals, are we not?  The most sensuous, loveliest of women is entitled to the same respect and consideration a man gives to himself.  Her dreams and hopes for her life are not to be overlooked, or minimized. That makes her the same as a person of average countenance, or a homely individual. This is a basic human right, and has nothing to do with a person’s attributes- physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

It goes without saying that my friends are of all ages, shapes, sizes, levels of mental acuity, and any other category one can name.  They have one thing in common:  Humanity.  Many could not be in the same room together, but oh, well.  They each have at least one attribute to which I am attracted.

Initially, I have to say that the first thing I notice about a person, physically, is her/his eyes.  They tell me much of what I need to know.  Then, the person’s  facial cast, and the level of relaxation/tension in the body as a whole, come into view.  Are the person’s hands tense or relaxed (fisted up or open)? Is he/she tight and tense, from top to bottom, or laid back and engaged with the world?  Is she/he talkative, shy, or a mix of the two?

Regarding language, I am, as a rule, put off by an excess of profanity.  It is not so much a sense of prudery on my part, as it is that profanity is a filler, for those whose vocabulary is self-limited.  It is also insulting to those at whom it is directed.  I would prefer a leader, as I prefer friends, whose speech is respectful and elevated.  Profanity as a regular part of speech is degrading, both to the speaker and to all hearers.


11 thoughts on “Attraction

  1. As always, you writing is fluid and interesting. These are very interesting times. I hope your son recovers nicely and you have enjoyed you time off work.


  2. Gary —

    I hope that Aram’s injury is now healing well, and he will soon be back on duty.

    By and large, I agree with what you have said here. Of all my friends, I consider you one of the strongest champions of women as equal participants in society. Michelle Obama said it much better than I could — nobody deserves to be treated as Trump has treated women. I, too, am struggling to make sense of this contentions, nasty campaign. However, there is one line in your post that I must ask about — I have been away for a week, and may have missed something, but I am at a loss to know what you meant when you mentioned “. . .followed by how filthy his main opponent’s language is…” I can’t think of one time when I’ve been concerned about Hillary’s language. If I have missed something, I’d appreciate some examples (I’m answering this out of WP, so your full readership will not be disturbed by this.) I am more than anxious to see the end of the campaign, although I rather expect that the divisions that have been created along the way will persist for at least several months! I really hope that whoever becomes our next president will not be completely crippled by the nastiness of the campaigh.

    Fondly, Janet


    • It will not be demeaning to my readers, to state that HRC has been reported to be extremely vulgar and abrasive towards her Secret Service detail, and before them, the Arkansas State Troopers, over the past four decades. This is what bothers me most about her.


  3. Any election anywhere, will have it pros and cons. But it is the behaviour of the Candidate that matters. And should judged by their actions and ideals they have.
    Obviously one candidate does not come to that level. Last night on CNN, I watched, (I cannot remember who spoke, but said, this was an election), which if a right candidate was there for the Republican’s, they could have easily won, because of the failing by Clinton’s run as Sec. of State. However, since it was Trump, it will be completely different.


    • My issues with Hillary are her tendency to lash out at her Secret Service details and her tendency to dismiss the whole ugly Benghazi affair, as “just one of those things.” I can only hope other ugly allegations about her past, turn out to be the fabrications she claims they are.


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