Prominence, Entitlement, Insecurity

October 18, 2016, Prescott-

In the past week, every prominent male political figure, it seems, has had to endure a fine-toothed comb scrutiny of his record, vis-a-vis behaviour towards women.  It’s only fair, I suppose, for the spotlight to shine across the spectrum.

I can’t say my thinking, over the years, has met the gold standard set by former President Jimmy Carter- but I have indeed long since gotten past lusting in my heart.  It would not have ended well, with all that Penny meant, and means, to me. I could never operate as certain men in the public eye are said to move. The difference is, I am not a man of prominence or entitlement.  I am also secure in my own skin.

Truth be known, having women as friends is, as I have said several times, far more satisfying, in and of itself, than a trail of “conquests” could ever be.  Placing shackles on another being requires endless vigilance.  Helping to liberate and elevate another, frees oneself, in ways that no Lothario could even begin to imagine.

I see a far brighter future for both men and women, as the dust settles on the crash of SS Misogyny.

8 thoughts on “Prominence, Entitlement, Insecurity

  1. Yes, well put! If only people wouldn’t live so they end up with skeletons in their closets! I also have a strong opinion about people who pull other people’s closet skeletons out of closets! Live and let live and be content to let our Great Creator take care of what’s in someone’s closet! 😛 I guess I shouted a little.


  2. I think that how we treat other people, especially those who are weaker than ourselves, speaks very loudly about us. If I were going to run for public office (yikes!), I would expect my past and my opinions to be scrutinized.


  3. having women as friends is, as I have said several times, far more satisfying, in and of itself, than a trail of “conquests” could ever be – I agree totally with that


  4. You said it well Gary. When I think of him, I too see how he thinks he is entitled to everything. And his treatment of women is horrendous. Worse, how he makes fun about not paying taxes!


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