November 1, 2016, Prescott-

The classroom quiet is broken,

by a ten-year old,

telling his teacher

that black is white,

up is down, and so,

she should stop arguing with him.

The national stage

is occupied

by cartoon characters,

some dangerous,

others just annoying.

The media ranges

from warnings, of impending


from the far right

to shouts of “approaching Fascism”,

from the far left.

I sit beside the child

and show him that black is

indeed, black

and up is, most assuredly,

not down.

Who will guide the nation,

away from the crush

of tantrums?

11 thoughts on “Tantrums

  1. I want you to remind them of reality. it is important it is understood. I buck reality for it being depressingly rational…for me… in that I shouldn’t have stayed at a fourth volunteer gig, the previous three never directly resulted in employment- i was starting a fourth once upon a when. nearly 2 years into it I was asked if i wanted to get paid for it. it took many more months but it happened. it was the only time directly volunteering got me a job and i was in my late thirties well aware reality said don’t count on this to be anything. reality though needs a bucking. it never did say it was hopeless, just unlikely yeah yeah yeah whatever I know! but reality still weighs heavy. to me getting down into the sky is a fun bit of language fun! you know it has lingo to it and might be a hip star chaser story coming. or reality says a lot of deprssing leaning things i just haven’t the time to let sink in. unlikely is a nasty judgement to be on the bum side of. however, a little reality helps when its time for a ticket to real street… hope is fine but wildly persuing the unlikely is a great way to court failure and sadness. it is and was unlikely for good reason. so again i’m glad you restored direction where you could… but i just might naughtily load my pockets with loadstone to walk by your compasses. 😉 i got me a case of opposite itis.


      • 😉 I was hoping you’d say that. not experience that, but say it. patience towards a goal is important.. at least nano for me at the moment goes well. i didn’t expect more than i seem to be able to put forth- so the well oops i can’t do double of this isn’t a hinderance to enjoying what i can manage…. and now to toss in a sestina if at all possible.! but that’s me and this is you – so yay again for the rewards 🙂 I am glad you find them treasures. I still am looking up exactly how, if possible, one might make a lump of quartz into a solar cel – no, not as a manufactured looking panel but a lump of rock as a cruder shaped system. – it amuses me you remind me to see the world differently…and yet wait for even me to move towards which or whatever…just watching. you project that kind of presence.


  2. I fear that the nation will feel the crush of tantrums for some time to come — we already hear threats of such actions, and there are those who want to cripple the next administration before we even know who that will be!


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