November 8, 2016, Prescott-

The watched pot may never boil,

the ignored one, will.

The more people are egged on,

the more ends up on the faces,

of the callous instigators.

The proof of a person’s worth,

is not how much influence is amassed,

but how he/she regards those

of seemingly small stature.

The worst that can befall a soul,

is believing that there are those

with whom it is beneath one’s dignity

to associate.

Then, it becomes one’s destiny

to figure out how.

Tomorrow, America will still be America.

Will you still be you?

4 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. We must rise above any pain and anger that we may, momentarily, feel and forge ourselves into still better bringers of peace and lovers of Light.


    • When Nixon was first elected, I was enraged. When Reagan first got elected, I was nervous, but came to like him, as a president. Bush the Younger was not the greatest, but after 9/11, I expected him to be everyone’s president. The people, acting as a unit, will shape Trump into someone relatively presidential. This, I believe.


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